Tank Destroyers !

Players:JAL vs Godde
Game version:test-2625
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****
Godde as russia. JAL (with 100 bonus) as germany.
Nice SU100 vs Jagdpanthers here.

Things that anoyed me:

!Snipers r hard 2 deal with.
!I had a scout in Goddes Base and my 2x arty took ages 2 kill his radar.
!Stukas dont kill what i want even with a scout near (kill katy) .
!Katy is so hard 2 counter , it killed my base with a few salvos even the hardened stuff.

Stukas are really innaccurate against targets out of LoS and they will fire their salvo before their own LoS uncover their target. I think the same applies to bombers and rocket planes but rockets are so innaccurate anyway and bombs have larger AoE. I failed to bomb several tanks even though I targeted them and they were standing still.

Thx for the info how to dl the mod :slight_smile:

This was a quite interesting battle. Normally, I only watch Godde’s SU-100s fix any armoured force in the games. This (first) time I saw how nicely the Jagdpanthers countered them, i.e. as there were only two at the beginning. Suddenly, all SU-100 were gone :smiley:

I don’t think I could have done better but at times I really wondered why JAL never used the Jagdpanthers actively. They were basically immobile base defences even at numbers of 10?!
Sometimes I think the scout planes should have shown enough to move them out for short attacks - they have such a good range and are not so much endangered?!

At the end it was basically a turtle game and the Kathys were the better unit (compared to howitzers). JALs Nebelwerfer was just used once if I am correct.

Still very interesting :slight_smile:

test builds are automatically built from svn revisions and are only available through SpringDownloader

Arty costs now so high that they are cost effective only vs ennemy base. Buildings should be more resistant to arty, and a lower cost of arty might mean they will be used vs units more often.

a critical mass of arty would be needed to take down a base, only achievable in a long game where nothing else had worked.

Other comment about the replay : TDs dominate the battlefield (due to their very low cost) and panthers (that JAL made) were totaly useless (particulary when considering their prices).

Well in “reality” for a force the size of the ones in these games they would be supported by batteries of up to dozens of guns, not two

I’d like to see how that would play out with reverse LOS :slight_smile:

have you noticed that we cant follow Godde when watching this replay ?

It seems Godde use lot of widgets and it breaks the ability to follow him.
When I played at the begin of that year, I asked : “do you use anything that help you to get a gigantic micro” and he said " no ". That is what shock me the more.

Its like cheat because most s44 players I saw, except Godde, use very few widgets. (and so they have a decent micro score, a micro only due to their own skill not to a "skirmish’ widget … or other). If you try to reproduce Godde’s mouse click score, you understand easily it is impossible to play like this manualy.

This poor JAL with his 100% ressource bonus could hardly survive because he doesnt have the script to make his work.

I noticed when I played vs him that he probably have a script that swarm units in order to lure tanks and TDs shoots. During this time his own TDs sniped my tanks. It would be very hard to reproduce this tactic without widgets.

I am right now searching for widgets in internet and see how to edit it. There is no interrest to play with Godde without having tons of mega-scripts.
But when S44 will be more known (outside of Spring community), I am not sure players would be happy of widget dominance.

there’s an option in the lobby to restrict widgets to only the ones that both players have, I think. try that, see if godde gets any worse <_<

Also, widget-issued orders are not included in a player’s mouse clicks/minute statistic.

I dont know where is such option.

May be S44 autohosts are already restricted for widgets ?

I cant follow his camera may be because I don’t know enough about spring.

I use a few extra widgets in S44.
The widgets that have importance for my gameplay that is not included in s44 is
Auto First Build Facing(should propably be included in S44, the HQs turn)
Custom Formations 2
Selection Buttons
and that plane button widget

None of my widgets orders my units around.

My keybindings that moves the camera WASD style makes me able to order Fight commands and alike without me having to lift my hands and I’ve have bounded important commands such as hold position, area attack, turn and deploy so I don’t need to move my mouse over the Icons in the order menu.

The keybindings are much more important for me than the widgets.

fwiw I use 2 of those widgets and am hardly the unstoppable player Godde is :laughing: :smiley: