Tank Desant

For those of you who dont know, Tank desant is a tactic where infantry ride on top of tanks, and then dismount to fight on foot. This tactic provides the tank with small arms support against anti tank infantry. The tactic was used greatly by the Soviets during world war two. The T-55 even was created with hand holds for this purpose. So are we going to be seeing any of this in the later stages of the game. It would be an interesting addition.

It was only really used by the soviets because it was immensely wasteful in terms of human life - any kind of HE or smallarms fire at the tank left the infantry on the outside in pretty bad shape. It made the most sense for transport, not battle situations - for us, the entire game is the battle situation.

So basically - maybe someday only for the soviets, but not hugely likely.

Well, it wasn’t THAT wasteful in human life, riding a tank was MUCH safer than running behind it (for one thing, you usually ride it on the back side, so you are protected from the most dangerous direction - front, where the enemy is). If coming under fire, infantry quickly jumped off the tank and went prone. Enemy gunners are likely to fire AP shells on the tank, not HE (if they do HE specifically to target the inf onboard, the tank itself will not be killed by it and can destroy the now exposed AT gun).
Moreover, the tankers were the ones who benefitted from that most. They often invited infantry to accompany their tank, that infantry is 1-6 extra pairs of eyes that can spot AT guns, panzerfausts and such before those can fire… And can often shoot those dangers dead before they fire, too.
Modern Russian forces still do that all the time when in dangerous places, infantry rides on top of BTR and BMP. First, they see better this way, and second, an RPG or mine hit will very likely kill most people inside, but will only injure or just throw away those outside. It’s still safer that way (when not under machinegun or artillery fire or on contaminated terrain, that’s another story).
Too bad Spring transportation system is poorly suited for that form of transport. Transported units do not take damage when something hits the vehicle, so on-top infantry is as safe as those inside, which is clearly wrong.

Oh shoot, that is a shame. Oh well. At least everyone is now well informed about tank desant. By the way, many American soldiers proffered to sit on top of the APC insted of inside, since if someone is injured inside it is much more difficult to get him out. Plus if there is some sor