Tangerine 2vs2 , heavy naval on.(preMv222)

I went for arty , income was on very high, so i went later for naval bombardment .

I think , heavy naval should be standard, and the super light naval of testversions should never show up again , there was no need to change it, big amounts of destroyers will never happen, the max amount i had was 4 german destroyers (i think 2 were light) in D-World vs zCram and i lost.

Players:Walysson, JAL vs Yuri, WonderD
Game version:Pre-M test 2786
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): **
Comments: Game went boring because of the 2 passages, i tried a landing with lots of current boats.
I think , i used german naval at its best.

For havy naval here a small mutator works only with test v2816


I added some land units too ,for testing. (But they look ugly, M36&Croc)

I have 2 update it manualy, i got no repository thingy.

Thats excelent you start a mutator JAL, I will help you to fix the balance of heavy ships and make that mutator (which depends on the SVN viewtopic.php?f=8&t=41 , NOT on SD’s mod. But making a SD compatible mutator is a priority).

With the current “normal mode” svn, for example US side light boats doesn’t have any gunboat.

I think we could do most things with time, models and textures might be the harder. But there is plenty of unused models made by Yuritch (mainly boats).

I look forward to seeing the effects of any of your proposed changes. I’ll be back to work in about two weeks, and will rethink navel at that point.