Tagging of first and last release on 103.0

Provided that there are no objections, I will tag “Spring: 1944 v3.01 Operation Frühlingserwachen” after the friday 104+ dev game. This will hopefully be the final release on the Spring 103.0 engine.

raaar has complained about ITA autocannon cars getting stuck and ITA TDs becoming permanently stuck in yard’s frame (unit unstucker’s fault, perhaps?). Someone should investigate the autocannons, I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary in replay. For the yards, we could set factory delivery point to be 1-2 factory distances in front of it, by default?

I was unable to reproduce raaar’s factory issues. When no delivery point was set, the units went ahead of the factory, and were sometimes automatically given 2 move orders to go ahead of other factories as well.

Everything that I wanted fixed and that could be easily fixed is now fixed.

Spring:1944 v3.01 has just been released.

Tomorrow the marketing material updates will continue and some news posts will be made, see etherpad. The version checker will be switched to 103 and 104-1812+.

In the next few days I expect us to hold another 104 game and see if 104-1812+ works well enough for us to retire the 103 devroom.

New promo poster for moddb et all. Only thing missing is your ideas and improvement suggestions and for a few images/youtube video links to be placed somewhere.

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