Sync error in Kiev on 64-bit Linux

I have tried several ways to play a game in Kiev with another person with a 32bit processor (Linux) and Windows. I am running Ubuntu 64-bit. I have tried:
-Spring from the PPA, Jaunty
-Spring from the PPA, Karmic
-Spring from source
-Spring from the PPA, Jaunty, in a 32-bit chroot
-Spring from the PPA, Karmic, in a 32-bit chroot

And what I consistently get is sync errors with the two people I am playing with. It would appear it does not matter if destructable ground is on or if we add bots or not. In other maps, there are no sync errors. The sync errors in Kiev were also caused for other Spring mods, such as BA, in Kiev; until I deleted generated files for the kiev map.

However, in S44, this still occurs in the Kiev map.
This leads me to believe that there is something wrong with S44 and the 64-bit processor (Intel Core 2 Duo), since with my Ubuntu 32-bit laptop, with the exact same mod/map/spring versions this works.

Any ideas?

Did the game actually desynch, as in the enemies units did nothing even though the player controling them was still giving orders to his units?

Delayed sync responses appear alot more frequently theese days although they don’t seem to make the game desync.

Yes, the game desynced. I was the one seeing no enemies except in their base, while my buddies on Skype were telling me I’m getting slaughtered.

I have been playing since september now on debian stable 64 bits (on an intel machine). First I used the official ubuntu jaunty packages, but a week ago I compiled from source since there were no official binaries for the patch, and to use the ubuntu binaries at all I needed to pull in dependancies from ubuntu repos… Compiling fixed those problems.

I haven’t had a desync with this setup, ever.

For certain non-spring related issues I do not prefer ubuntu, and when asked about it, strongly advise against using it. However! This might not be the root of your problems.

Will this happen on that box when running an 32 bits operating system entirely? As in when long mode hasn’t been set from the last reboot. Indeed this sounds very much propable that a hardware error is in there somewhere… still got the guarantee for the processor?

Vermind: this problem happened to day with another x64 ubuntu user. Unfortunately I have no idea where this issue is. I suspect that somewhere somehow one of the features (buildings and trees and such) used on Kiev is a problem, but I have no idea why or how or even which one.