SVN version 2385

I like the new part partisan system.
Returning command for aircraft seems like a good idea but the question how to prevent people from spamming air without increasing the cost of plane sorties seems hard.

Units without ammo have very long reload bars.

Due to the new spring engine turn commands are interrupted if there is enemies in Line of Fire even when they are on hold position.
The only way to prevent this is to set units on hold fire or return fire.

Increase maxBank and maxPitch. This will enable planes to turn faster and gain height faster. Planes now follow a smoth mesh I’ve heard. They will fly more straight.

When units run out of ammo their reload changes to a very large negative number which results in huge reload bars stretching to the left when using the healthbars widget. An easy fix would be adding reload = max(0, reload) in line 545 of gui_healthbars.lua.

Fixed in 2387. Really I think we need to review all our unit-ui widgets and come up with a solid design to work with Smoth’s GUI work.