Svn rev 2283 bugs, supply radius and some others

It (the gui_s44_supplyradius.lua widget) loads fine at the beginning of the game but if you mouse over some units with a supply radius you get:

Error in DrawWorldPreUnit(): [string "LuaUI/Widgets/gui_s44_supplyradius.lua"]:316: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'radius' (a nil value)

and the widget is removed. Curiously if you re-enable the widget and mouse over a boatyard/shipyard or boat/ship which has a supply radius then it works fine.

Also, since I already opened infolog.txt

CobError: Invalid piecenumber for emit-sfx (in scripts/gbrhuntii.cob:WorkingLoop at 70)

And the Brilliant-class russian ship has a buildtime of 1.

I was testing svn rev 2283.

Both fixed as of 2297 (neddie fixed brilliant-class a few revs before).