Svn rev 2267 nil value bug

Svn rev 2267 is crashing while loading for me.

From infolog.txt:

[ 0] Caught content exception: [string "gamedata/defs.lua"]:37: [string "gamedata/defs.lua"]:25: error = 2, gamedata/weaponDefs.lua, error = 2, gamedata/weapondefs_post.lua, [string "gamedata/weapondefs_post.lua"]:329: attempt to index field 'customParams' (a nil value)

Seems to be a SpringLobby bug, if I try to launch using spring.exe then svn rev 2268 runs fine.

This is one of those bugs that refuses to die so I figured I’d upload my infolog.txt.

This is because some weapon somewhere lacks a customParams field. Graaagh.