(supposedly) a WW2 newspaper scan


Awesome tank is awesome.

interesting, I don’t want to know how much the medias lie even today :slight_smile:

Well, they took some facts and some fantasies and mixed them.

  1. 155 mm gun: KV-2 had 152mm, correct.
  2. 75mm gun: KV-1 and T-34 had 76.2mm, correct.
  3. Tanks able to crush enemy armor: KV series with their 40 tons can in theory crush something like a Pz. I or Pz. II (and can ram heavier tanks, but not crush them), so correct.
  4. 25 and 30 ton enemy tanks - Pz. III and Pz. IV probably (though 30 would be an overestimate), correct.
  5. 500 ton tank - fantasy. Even 50 tons would be fantasy for a 1941 tank (which this supposedly is).

So combine all of that, and here we go - land battleships.

Article in “Red Star” which is mentioned here did not reference any technical data on vehicles participating in the battle depicted btw :slight_smile: It only mentioned Soviet tanks ambushing a German column and crushing it, without naming tank types.

Germany was working on Ratte as tracked Arty but I guess people know that the concept of a giant Landmonster would end up like KMS Bismarck, well not on the ground of the ocean.
Due to the fact that its from 1941, and there werent much good news for the allies until 1942 Stalingrad. It looks like they really tried to gather everything good they could get their hands on and made an elefant out of it.

So, Olympia news 2012 also shows that nearly nothing changed since, doesnt matter if western, easterm or propaganda media of north Korea or else. Thats always interesting.