Super weapon

Super weapons would be a great way further set sides apart and offer stalemate breakers. Im not thinking of nukes or anything drastic like that. Here are some ideas:

Russians had very good super heavy tanks that moved super slow, adding those would be nice cause they could break lines.

Brits could have gliders that could deploy into supply depots/tanks/infantry or even factories.

The Germans could have a jet/rocket airfield, which makes jets and v1s

The Americans should have something tied to supply or cheap mechanical units. Maybe a “motor pool” which delivers random groups of units every 30 seconds or a minute for a set amount of supplies always required to power the building. Or a super good metal maker. America had a lot of things going for it, but mass production and mass supplies were things the Americans did better than any of the other allies.

These would be super weapons, so they would have to be hard enough to build so games on 16x16 maps might see them, but games on anything less wouldn’t.

This doesn’t sound practical at all. It’s unrealistic in many ways. First, Soviet tanks, no matter how heavy, aren’t slow at all, infact heavy tanks have BETTER mobility (not speed though, but the ability to ‘get there’) that T-34 on a typical cross-country battlefield. Second, gliders couldn’t deploy much in the way of tanks (save for the Locust which is about as armored as a paper box). Third, V1 (and V2) aren’t tactical scale weapons (so you won’t see them used on a battlefield), and so on.
However, some kind of ‘special powers’ could be done. For example, US can have a ‘strategic bombing’ option, which would cause enemy players to experience temporary supply shortage (as their supply routes are destroyed by the bombers and take some time to rebuild). This won’t cause any heavy bombers to appear on the battlefield (they are too big for our maps), but will just effect enemy supplies - they will refill less often for some time. In this same way the Germans could have a ‘V2 strike’ option that will cause the same problems for the enemy, but for a shorter time (but this can be repeated more often), USSR can have ‘stir up resistance’ (random partisan squads appear all over the map), and GB can have the Commandos. All of that can be triggered by lua commands added to some unit (command bunker for the Germans for ex.) and will cost resources (or maybe some logistics drain over time) to use.

Our hope is that large towed guns (150mm+), super heavy tanks(Churchill, Tiger II, Jumbo, IS-2), and bombers will be enough to break most stalemate situations.

One of the issues right now is that a ‘decisive blow’ often depends on killing a factory, rather than killing units. So random artillery fire into an enemy base that wipes out a factory or three is enough to turn the game, but its not very skillful. However, placing the emphasis on units (so that losing a bunch of units is the turning point in the game) leads to slippery slope very quickly (since losing one extra unit than the other guy then becomes a setback which leads to more setbacks because your power is reduced). However, that problem may be solved by emphasizing counters, so losing units doesn’t always lead to a slippery slope if you deploy the correct methods of countering (IE, if his massive rifle armies crushed yours, if you have MGs in the right place you can wipe them back out - but if they have snipers or vehicles to counter your MGs, you need infantry to screen your MGs from snipers, ect, ect.

The problem here comes when too many units are generalized, or can damage every other unit pretty effectively (or if not effectively, at least they can). So having simply ‘more’ units (more tanks, more infantry) becomes the important part, and losing units directly affects your ability to fight the enemy.

Yuri - that idea for the ‘heavy bomber strike’ for the US and cutting off the enemy logistics is a really good one, I like that. Brits could have glider-dropped commandos, but if we’re honest, commandos are just infantry with bombs, so AA or a strong infantry/MG group in the enemy base would probably prevent them from doing too much. Or perhaps not, with their cloaking.

Sorry that went a little off topic, but that’s my impression of where we are and what we need to look at in terms of design, right now.

Completely irrelevant, but V-1s were used tactically at some point in the war. Antwerp, possibly?

Anyway, the russians will already have heavy tanks and SPGs, and gliders are planned for the brits (with different infantry types, and maybe a tetrarch or locust if you’re really lucky).

Yuri’s idea about strategic bombing is interesting, but i feel there has to be some indication to both the players what has happened and why.

The weapons don’t sound like a good idea to me… I’m thinking more status and unit augmentation abilities triggered at certain structures as “spells” might fit in better.

mhmm well iam not a fan of super-special weapons but there is one which i would say “maybe” so a german super weapon which never was build P-1000 “Ratte” or also called “Landkreuzer Ratte” (engl. Landcruiser Ratte). Well a more realistic “super weapon” would be the (ger.) “ACHT-ACHT” a German 8,8cm Anti-Tank/Aircraft weapon,

Well not the best render but maybe you can see something this is the 8,8cm Anti Tank version a static “nest” against tanks with high range and maybe upgradeable to a Bunker version with high HP. just a idea…

It looks kind of strange for some reason, maybe it’s the mount (it should have 4 ‘legs’, but only seems to have 3). 88 is not a superweapon per se, something like PaK44 (even a PaK43) would be.

I know its a old model… lol well i know thats not a superweapon but it was one of the famoused weapons in german history, well in my mind its a must have for every World War games…

i would overwork it anyway no problem…

only a idea…

I think we have an 88 model? Anyway, we do actually plan on having that.

As for super weapons there’s already an idea going around to have a special expansion pack of super weapon type things. It’s in a thread around here somewhere. Basically it would just introduce a lot of really cool stuff, experimental, super-heavy, etc etc.

I already modeled (and even scripted) Karl Morser. Komet rocket fighter is modeled, too. Other German superweapons for the pack would be Sturmmorser Tiger, Maus, (maybe) PaK44 (128mm AT gun), (maybe) FlaK40 (128mm heavy AA gun). The list is open - suggest other units if you want (and you are free to model them, too :slight_smile: ).
Things that were really built in metal (at least 1-2 of them, like the Maus) are preferred (so E-series tanks are better left out). Things like Dora that require some not-yet-in-Spring feature (railroad in this case) are best left out. Things that aren’t really superweapons but still look way out of the norm for WW2 may be interesting, too (like German helicopters).

I forget the name of it, but there was some sort of German missile system that was something like a miniaturized V-1 rocket. IIRC it was mounted onto a modified 88mm AA trailer (or Pak 40). It was used for semi-guided long range bombardment (like a proto-cruise missile).

There’s also the Jagdtiger which I would like to see in.

mhmm at the end of the WAR we made the ME 262 this would be a kind of superweapon?
(first jet made by Willy Messerschmidt) Because Imagine what German Luftwaffe had done with a JET? I mean much Faster then a normal plane and well then Germany had dominate the Air-War if you know what i mean?
Well but it would be a unfair Superweapon, i think…

Err, hmm, the Me-262 is intended as a NORMAL weapon. Ie for the aircraft pack (which should come next version).
Main drawback of a jet fighter during WW2 was that the weapons were inadequate for the speed. Notice how the US resurrected the old Gatling gun concept right after the war - they were looking for a weapon that would be effective at high speeds (ie it will do enough damage in a very short time frame during which the target is in sights). Me-262 was too fast to be really effective, that’s why it had 4 cannons - any less would mean it will have effectively less firepower than otherwise less armed Allied fighters. That only ended with the introduction of A2A missiles which weren’t quite production-ready in the Reich (though they were developed).

Yep, but the Me 262 was the first operational jet in the world :wink:.The Me 262 A-1a was experimental with a 5-cm Gun equipped.

But the Me 262 was effective enough against other planes and ground targets, but how i sad Germany didnt had time to make more with it.

The Me 262 was the first jet which was used, there werent any other Jets, i know (which worked). So it only was the main drawback which they maybe had at the Me 262 but with little more time im sure they had fixed that.

Germany had other jet fighters (or bombers - Ar 234) operational, 262 was the first, but not only.
GBR had the Gloster Meteor, which was operational before end of war (though it was forbidden to fly it over Europe so it won’t come into German hands somehow).
USSR only had prototypes (BI-2 which was a rocket plane like the Komet, not jet), USA must also have had something. Japan copied the 262 (design documents were supplied to them via submarines), but too late to really use it.

I translated this with google from German to english so mabye there are mistakes:

I quote it ^^

IIRC we were planning on equipping the 262 with its four 30mm cannons and R4M missiles (24 total I think, 12 under each wing). It will basically rape the skies.

does you guys already modeled the Me 262, can i see it? (render?) because i love the design xD

Actually that was one of my first aircraft modeled for S’44. Not skinned yet (since I don’t do skinning :slight_smile: ). Maybe Spiked skinned it, I don’t know.

Great model i think the engines need some smoothing




I made a Me 262, too. But i cant find it on my hard-drive damn where is it…