Suggestions: Russia versus G.I. rush

Hey all, any suggestions as to how I can defeat a G.I. rush, or the Americans in general while playing as the Russians? I feel like I just need to learn how but my friends begin to tire of consistently kicking my ass :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

The Russian commander and commissars can build Sandbagged MG nests which are very effective against riflemen and SMGs (as long as theyโ€™re not flanked). Also, the Soviets have a Partisan shack which will provide you some men with rifles (albeit very weak ones).

The early part of the game is when the Soviets are weakest, so fending off rushes is tricky, but a MG nest or two covering the main approaches to your base area should prevent any early GIs from taking you out. On very small maps it may be tricky to set up a MG nest in time, so it may be more difficult to implement this strategy. However, on a small map, a very well placed MG nest will shut down a good portion of the map to enemy infantry movement, which will give you a solid advantage as the game progresses.