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This page is for you to post suggestions and for developers to contemplate. This is not the page for posting minute changes/problems- that belongs in feedback. So try to keep it fresh, and try to stay away from clutter such as “I second that idea”

So without further a due list the following:

  1. Suggestion/ Idea/ Major change

  2. What role it plays in the game

  3. What role it has played in WW2

  4. Now the argument of why YOU think it should be placed in the game, note how this is number four, so for numbers 2 and 3, do your research. Hollow ideas don’t weigh much to developers - I should know, I’ve done some modding myself, you need to argue both your opinion and FACTS.

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Garrison Structures - ie; houses, bunkers, & other buildings
-Structures would only be able to hold a certain number of troops.
-Has health and can be destroyed
-Has firing arc\LoS dependent on windows. ie; Bunker would have 90% arc in front only while house has 360% view.
-Automatic deploy of weapons (ie; heavy machine guns)
-Units receive bonuses due to cover
-Units receive “cloak” (as long as not actively firing, enemy units will not see them unless within 20 ft of building)
-Flamethrowers\molotovs\grenades force units out of buildings. Damage to structure is variable.
Garrisoning civilian and military buildings was quite common in WWII and would make sense as a gameplay tactic for Spring 1944. The cover bonuses and cloak would allow squads to hide in ambush, via Hold Fire, then at the optimum range toggle it off to surprise enemy forces.
Small towns (5-10 garrisonable structures) could be placed around a flag on a map, turning control of those buildings into a crucial chokepoint. Alternatively you could shell the area to debris.

Field Defenses - ie; sandbags, trenches, tank traps
-Basic rifleman should be able to construct tank traps, trenches, sandbags
-Trenches would give riflemen a bonus due to cover, + terraform map
-Sandbags would give riflemen slight bonus due to cover (must have transport truck\supply depot) nearby to build
Most infantry in WWII built fortifications by hand, and working as a group. The ability for basic infantry in S44 to construct basic deterrents to tanks + fortifications that bolster themselves would help infantry hold vital command points. The sandbags would offer a slight bonus, but be built rather quickly (needs transport truck\supply depot nearby to build though), while trenches can be built wherever and offer a large bonus but take time to build. Sandbags would be destroyable while trenches are not. NOTE; Both sides can use trenches\sandbags irregardless of who built them.

Defensive Buildings - ie; bunkers, watchtowers
-Adv engineers should be able to build bunkers\watchtowers.
-Bunkers can be garrisoned\destroyed\have a 90% LoS\firing arc. Watchtowers act as stationary scouts. Can see farther than scouts.
Bunkers were used to hold ground in WWII. Currently there are very few ways to create chokepoints in Spring 1944 besides mines. The ability to build bunkers would help players create defensive lines. Watchtowers would allow players to build a string of towers along their flanks as a first warning.

Just some ideas I had. Take a bit, take a part, take all of it. shrug


It’s not like it’s hard to defend atm, quite the contrary. Some of proposed features would make it even easier to porc.
That said, some sound good, occupyable buildings for example. Watchtowers don’t seem realistic - those kind of things are rarely built in ‘mobile warfare’ stage of battle (which we are hoping to have most of the time), they are more for peace time border guard etc. Bunkers would be better, we have some planned. Auto-deploying heavy MGs inside bunkers is certainly a good idea.

I’d like a NOTA-syle base system, but instead of having all buildings totally blocked by a build radius limit around the HQ, you could force the player to build cheaper, weaker depot-style buildings outside of that radius. This means that the player could have a proper ‘base’, and would then have to make do with supply lines, and advanced depot, corrugated, ramshackle-style bases (around command flags?). I think that it would make gameplay much more realistic, seen that the player cannot spread about as he can now, but has to launch an ‘offensive’ so to speak, which would create more important, decisive battles, and it would make command flags so much more important. Where a port is concerned, it can be built anywhere on the shore, and can serve as an extra ‘base’ seen it is such a major building, but I hope that only 1 or 2 ports can be built to avoid the player sprawling all along the coastline lol. Gd idea? :smiley:

This idea came up in my head because big stuff like tanks planes and guns were largely made in cities. Correct me if I am wrong though. A good one for wikipedia :smiley:

EDIT: I dont want a stationary consruction building. A radius blocking the big bulky factories and the barracks buildings etc would be around the HQ, but engineers would be the same as now. When a player tryed to build these big buildings outside of the build limit HQ thingy radius, the engineers would not build, and a message would appear saying ‘cannot build here!’ (or smth like that that explains why as well)

I’m pretty sure we’ve considered garrisons, and I believe Spiked as well as Zerg and myself aren’t opposed to them. Implementation is the missing component.

Who thinks my idea is rubbish? :slight_smile:

Talking about loadscreens i searched B&W pictures of infantry
from each faction and put a representative flag.

Any suggestions?