Suggestion: [WIP] French side.

As the title says it should be pretty to see french side on this game.

I will update this post with a list of models completed and a wanted list.



By 1944 France was, for all intents and purposes, no longer a participant in the war. Even if it had remained to that point, the equipment the French had was clearly inferior. If France is to make an appearance in the game it will take considerable work. I for one am not interested, but I am also unwilling to discourage.

After the war France took a big part of Germany as one of the “winners” well, i have no idea how they got this big part of Germany.

I know this mod is related from 1944-1945, but i wanted to see this country, as their vehicles were used or tranformed during the war by Germany and Italy (and can be included for Germany now, :wink:).
Maybe i should have proposed a fork of this mod, maybe can be Free France that were equiped with a mix of American, English and French weapons and vehicles after France liberation (republican spanish troops take part with them, La Nueve, as Division Azul for Germany).

Anyway i need to learn a lot (blender,upspring, etc) and i hope someone can tell me good tutorials or give a hand to include them.

Next tank i will made after finish H39 is Char B1 Bis used by 21st Pz Div in Normandy , :wink:

[WIP] Hotchkiss H39 Ligth Tank

Still some details, but almost finished.

The tracks and wheels are FAR too detailed for use in game, and the hull shape is wrong.

Only 4 days learning to model, give me a chance, :wink:
You can see yourself how detailed is the model.

Okay before you do the same mistake like me years before.

  1. During Modelling you use Polys and verts. You see every vert as a Dot or Point on your screen if you model. And you noticed that you can select them and move around.

Well Polys are the sides of a model or object. If a model have alot Polys it take alot of time to render it, same is in a game if your Playing.
You need a fast CPU and Graphiccard to render High poly objects or models fast. A Game engine works in the same way (not really).
A game engine can handle alot of Polys. To make it easier for you, lets say a Engine can handle 100polys for each vehicle/building.
So you make a car with 90 polys its okay you texture it, coded it and import it to the game. Then in-game it works smoothly and looks pretty good.
But if you make a model or object with more polys then a engine can handle in my example my car now have 1200 polys instead of 100.
You can texture it and codeit but if you want to play in game your PC will lagg because the engine cant handle that much polys.

Well you started modelling then try to make something easier. Take something you acutally have for example in your room. A LCD Display maybe?Or a simple Box.

The model you made is actually very detailed but not the same model like you have on a Photo it would be easier to have something in front of you then in a picture.

Also you should not forgett the Texture of a vehicle instead of modelling every detail you also can texture it on (a texture give a object alot of details)
Well there are different modelling Programs so if you model something you can export it for example to a OBJ. file or 3ds. file thats very basic file types normaly every modelling program can open it. Oh and nice KDE look :wink:

If you missunderstood something, cuz my english is bad but thats why im here :smiley:

I’d say the main problem is that you are trying to model the tanks from a single pic. While this can work (I did a few guns like that because there were no better reference), in case of French armor there are good 3-view references, which you should use IMO. Look here for a start, then take a look here (esp. for the Char B1bis).

I see the point guys, thx for your feedback.
I will try to take out as much polys as i can.
Will change wheels and chains for simple ones.
I didnt found a front view fo this tank, thx for references yuritch.

oh by the way next time dont use tracks from a M1 Abrams or something near to it. Oh and first model your tank then texture it.

Drastic reduction of polys, changed wheels, tracks,
reduction of tank size, removed usefull objects (will use texture instead).

Archive in blender occupied 2.7 MB, now 724 KB.

Sure N3mesis, i’m modeling it now, i just tested textures, :wink:

export your .blender file to a more common file type like OBJ. or 3ds. OR post a render/screen

Scaled some objects.
Exported to .obj inside rar.

it dont works maybe you made a mistake to export it to the OBJ. file look at blender watch out for a export button.

Ups, i selected export but didnt selected any object, :wink:
Anyway, i exported it to 3ds, as it doesnt give me any option to import/export.
Tested and working using import on blender.

It’s still using way too many poly’s for an RTS game, and furthermore the poly distribution is bad; all the polys are in the wheels, tracks, and the dome on top of the turret.

I suggest you take a look at some of our models; a great example is yuritch’s model of the Italian M15/42 … /ITM15-42/

Generally, tracked vehicle’s road wheels are no more than 8-sided, return rollers 6-sided, gun barrels are 6-sided. Tracks are made of a series of quads and the track link detail textured on, which also makes it easier to animate - your modelled track links would be near impossible to animate within Spring.

I’m not trying to be mean btw, just giving honest feedback and tips on how to model low-poly armour suitable for Spring. :wink:

If this modeling trend continues, we may at some point have enough data to expand S44 into Spring: WW2 :slight_smile:
Btw, as to your first screen: French ‘scissor-type’ suspension is not modeled, which is imo a more important part than the track links. If I get to making the alternate Marders, I might try my hand on that as well (since one of them was based on some French light tank, maybe even the H-39).

Speaking of modelling yuri, seen as SdKfz 10/5 and GAZ-AAA Quad Maxim have ‘open’ guns with visible gunners, I was wondering if it would be crazy to model the turret interior on the staghound.

Some good pictures here … 35026.html

(particularly … 026d04.htm)

What do you think? A step too far?

New version, using M15/42 as a guide, thx yuritch, :wink:
From now on, i will use 3ds for export, more easy.
Now i almost can count polys with fingers from one hand, :wink:

¿What do you think?