Suggestion: Unitlist for boats or at least counter


Recently playing a map with lot of water and so intense boatusage. Beside the 3 chrashes in 3 games while loading units on boats there is an interface “problem”. You don’t know how much people you are allowed to load on one boat and you can’t see how much and what kind of troops are in a boat. It is a hack of a work to just load some infantry in boats and raid another coast because of crappy load, unload and interface. So please at least add a number to a boat so u can see, how much people are in it.


My last game with navie crashed too :frowning:

me vs walyson
test v 2787
I wanted 2 make a good landing.

We’ve been floating a few plans for complete Unit UI revisions. We might discuss it again, though implementation of one feature is unlikely to occur alone.

Any chance of an infolog for this replay? (saves me having to grab test 2787 and play all the way through it.)

I watched it.

Hmm, well, replay didn’t crash then. :frowning: