Suggestion, un-nerf mortars a bit

Mortar teams are very expensive and supporting them costs a lot of logistics which means spending a lot of CP building storage sheds which indirectly makes mortars even more expensive.

May I suggest making them a little more affordable, CP wise, and lowering their logistic drain a bit? Just a thought.

I’m considering this, as well as the removal of cloak from flamethrowers.

Please do not change them yet. Flamers will need substantial work to be usable in a way that doesn’t encourage widget-y nonsense, and mortars have been in a good place for some time. Tot, I know they’re expensive, but they also tend to rapidly turn infantry engagements one way or another. Do you think they aren’t potent enough that way?

Of course I won’t change them yet, I haven’t looked at enough play to make any decisions. :neutral_face:

I’m willing to let the mortar thing go. I was mostly just thinking out loud. I honestly don’t have much experience using mortars in multiplayer so if you say they’re OK the way they are then I defer to your judgment.