Suggestion: Soviet "bomb dogs"

Hey what about making Soviet “bomb dogs” (or whatever you call them). They whould be cheap, built using a barracks but take 1 minute to build. They should be both destructive to tanks and buildings (not soldiers).

I found an article on this if anyones interested

That story is very dubious. Some Russian sources say the dogs were used to some effect, while others prove the experiment was a complete failure and not a single tank (either German or otherwise) was blown up (but the Germans managed to recover a few dog corpses with explosives attached, which they used in their propaganda campaign afterwards).
Dogs were surely used by minesweeping teams - nothing beats a trained dog when it comes to sniffing out explosives from under the ground. If the mine is build in a wooden (many Soviet and some late German mines) or plastic (some Italian devices) box, then metal detectors cannot find it, but a dog can find explosives it was trained at easily. Other use of dogs is to guard something/someone or track them down, and sometimes as a prime mover (esp. in the Arctic and other snowy regions of the USSR), that’s all. They proved not very good as messengers (dogs are easily scared by explosions and heavy vehicles), they had no desire to approach enemy tanks (because those are large, moving, making a loud noice and firing thier guns - dogs run AWAY from such things), they weren’t particularly good at hauling wounded soldiers out of the battlefield (because of the same reasons - it’s a scary place).
But, anyway, if you (or someone else) can model and script a decent-looking dog, I’m sure we can find a use for it :slight_smile:

noooo… maybe a fun pack but nooooo