Suggestion - planes

[02:49:43] <Silverfox23> I would like to a version of s44, with pretty much all building done away with, were units are orderd from a UI and arrive as reinforcements from off-screen onto the map.
[02:49:53] <Silverfox23> like to see*
[02:50:22] <Silverfox23> And you win instead by capturing all the flags on the map.
[02:51:32] <Silverfox23> You could even call 'off-screen' artillery strikes
[02:51:48] <Silverfox23> from like German 150mm  artillery
[02:51:49] <[SIN]zCram> I've been wanting a hybrid between deployment and traditional
[02:52:04] <Silverfox23> artillery that is too big for s44
[02:52:05] <[SIN]zCram> which is somewhere to the same direction
[02:52:13] <Silverfox23> hmm well s44 does have a larger scale, not sure if it would fit
[02:52:28] <Silverfox23> hehehe, s44 scale not big enough though for battleships/carriers
[02:52:44] <[SIN]zCram> but I don't actually like personally "larger-then-spring" methods
[02:52:50] <[SIN]zCram> I was very against planes
[02:52:53] <[SIN]zCram> at first
[02:53:12] <Silverfox23> but you changed and saw the light
[02:53:17] <[SIN]zCram> no
[02:53:24] <Silverfox23> hmm, yeah i can see why you would be against planes
[02:53:27] <[SIN]zCram> I still think that they get killed too much
[02:53:43] <Silverfox23> what gets killed too much?
[02:53:56] <[SIN]zCram> I was going to suggest, to make the calling more costly, and giving the extra back when they return
[02:53:58] <Silverfox23> planes?
[02:54:00] <[SIN]zCram> instead of being killed
[02:54:14] <[SIN]zCram> *when they are not killed
[02:54:19] <Silverfox23> hmm

Deposite cost for plane calling. When they return to airfield, you get your deposite back. Would make players assess their needs, requirements more, and try to make more with less. This would also require a reliable way to select/guide them when they arrive. Someone a while back suggested somekind of an selection-UI.

I only suggest this because you are not managing your planes really, but only “calling them in”. This makes for neglect/ignorance in gameplay together with extremely unrealistic situations.

OT: This hybrid mode idea is basically something that would skip slow starts of games by giving you an option of making your own spawn bunch. :ugeek:

[03:03:22] <[SIN]zCram> ugh you're getting me all wrong
[03:03:28] <Silverfox23> ???
[03:03:29] <[SIN]zCram> what I meant is
[03:03:55] <[SIN]zCram> that for if you're not managing the making of your planes, like it is now,,
[03:04:06] <[SIN]zCram> you're just "ordering them",,
[03:04:21] <Silverfox23> yep
[03:04:29] <[SIN]zCram> and so they mostly get killed over the skies, and never return
[03:04:38] <[SIN]zCram> this kinds of things were very sad in rl
[03:04:58] <Silverfox23> ?? hmm?
[03:05:11] <[SIN]zCram> planes are kinds of units that last a long time
[03:05:16] <Silverfox23> planes did return home.. lol unless they were shot down or kamikazi japanese
[03:05:32] <[SIN]zCram> in game, we now make plane spam, and aa spam to counter it
[03:05:51] <Silverfox23> yes, the dreaded spam -_-
[03:06:16] <Silverfox23> most ariel battles took place at high alt

this is almost exactly how we originally planned planes (in our giant debate about having airfields or summoning planes from off map, I worried that off-map summoning would encourage wasting them on suicide missions, and our solution was to return some of their cost when they survived - OR make later missions more expensive when previous ones die).

So yeah, someone just needs to code this, I absolutely want to see it happen. I’ve been tweaking AA so they don’t kill as often (but rather ‘scare’ the planes and send them back home), but it hasn’t always been successful, and planes still die quite often.

As for controlling them, the original design was to have a menu attached to the radar building from which you could automatically select any sortie currently on the map. unfortunately none of us at the time knew how to implement that, so it never happened.

OT: how would you balance it so that people didn’t always just go for tanks at start? give people some leftover resources?

OT: We played some deployment lately with JAL, it was pretty interesting. Why wouldn’t they get tanks? Depending on map ofcourse, going ONLY tanks would be plain silly, those things tend to get out of ammo, etc… ofc with annihilation end it would be desirable to rush to enemy hq asap and blow up the storages + hq + buildings first. Maybe an “capt-all-flags” end could change that. Also, both sides mite then choose tanks. This means that most likely such a “rushing” wouuld be even more silly, since ambushes are more easily made then attacks.

T: Good.

OT: Play deployment on maps which cannot be dominated by tanks, with rough terrain, etcetera.