Suggestion: Japanese side.

I know this would require considerable work by whatever volunteers step forward to the task (and thus already dismissed as a suggestion), but still, the Japanese Army could be fun to add to this game.

As things stand now, the entire Pacific theater is missing from the mod due to the lack of said Japanese which is a pity for an otherwise excellent game. Adding the Japanese would make battles on those maps like “Sail away” have some more nerve. (And hell yeah, those Zero fighters! Tora, tora, tora!! :slight_smile:)

BTW: Yes, I’m the kind of player who cringe over the concept of pitting the ‘wrong’ factions against each other in a game, like US fighting the Brits, or against FFA in general… having armies from the same faction clash feels sort of icky, like some sort mass desertion taking place where an entire army or brigade has decided to have a will of it’s own and their own come to retaliate against the desertion. Yuck!

Ninja-edit: Yes, I’m a bit damaged from playing too much Battlefield 1942 and Forgotten Hope 2… But I suppose that is more of a merit in this context.

The problem is that, with the exception of sea and air combat when well supplied, the Japanese just can’t contest the current sides effectively. Sea is not included at this time and will be limited in scope, aircraft are a very high level technological group in S44. If somebody would like to make China and Japan together, then maybe they could both be permitted.

Also, this is a game, not a modification. Just correcting that common mistake.

Currently I’ve made quite a few Italian unit models, with the plan being of adding Italy as a playable side (Japan may follow). Unfortunately our texturer is not active currently, plus there’s no one to make infantry models (I cannot model living things), so that plan is on hold.
Both Italy and Japan look weak in ground armor battles, with best Italian tank being on par with T-34-76 and Japanese - with a Pz. IV. Italians do have good assault guns.
Chinese would be much easier to add for one simple reason: they used almost 100% foreign equipment. Only ‘new’ models would be infantry, most of the rest can be taken from already modeled sides (only some equipment obsolete with its native country but still in use with China will need modeling).

Tell Bob to make the infantry. He can do it.

Or Finland! gogo gadget finns!

As everyone else said, Japan isn’t very likely. If you don’t like playing GBR vs US, don’t do so. Or imagine that Roosevelt signed a treaty with Stalin to split Europe in half and they had to invade UK as a part of that. Or whatever.

I agree. Japan would seem out of place without a full navy and a vastly improved air force. This game is very ground troop oriented.

China wasnt included in WWII they were neutral they began to buy weapons in 1959 or a little bit earlier.
Also I dont think China can be with Japan, because the reason is very easy so because what we did to the Chinese people, Russia, England, Germany, French, North America and Japan werent very nice. To be in detailed we were very Brutal against Chinese people and they were nice people.

only a little bit history ^^

[dont missunderstood something if its gramatical wrong]

Actually China wasn’t neutral. They were fighting the Japanese (who took quite a lot of Chinese land) plus they were fighting each other (Communists vs Nationalists). It’s just the kind of theater that is little known in the West, but it was in no way unimportant.
For a start, China was the place where chemical and biological weapons were used during WW2. Up to 30% of Japanese artillery rounds were chemical (filled with poison gasses), Chinese army who had no gas masks suffered greatly from those.

okay your right I mostly talked more about WWI and about the “Aufrüstung” of China.
Well I ever thought China is a passiv war country so they dont make active war.
However I only wanted to say that this would not function to do them “together”.

^^ see you…

You would have to have to include one to include the other, which was the intent of my earlier statement. Without China, there is no real use for Japanese armour or infantry and thus no rationale for creating a full side. I am quite current on history.

Wasn’t there some battles between US and Japanese ground forces as well?

There was the whole ‘island hopping’ campaign, which did include lots of ground fighting. However those were mainly jungle fights, with infantry playing the key role (with heavy air support and naval bombardment from US side) and armor rarely making an appearance (from Japanese side at least).
Then there was a Soviet Manchurian campaign of 1945, where the Japanese were simply steamrolled by Soviet armor. They just weren’t up to ‘western’ powers in ground fights involving tanks and maneuverable warfare on open terrain.

rather than become prisoners most comited suicide :neutral_face:

Put it this way: the Japanese never came up with anything that could hold its own against a 75mm-armed Sherman. Against the Soviets in Manchuria they were pretty much helpless. puts the penetration at 59 mm at 500m, 30 degree angle.

I don’t fancy this thing’s chances against even an AEC Mk. II :s

Sorry haven’t been around for awhile. I would like to help out on Italians ans Japanese. I think the Japanese can be implemented with out navy, but they will just be a much more defensive geared team. Think of all the island hopping campaigns, but minus the ship wars. Would be great to have a scripted level where the allies could start in invasion boats and have to get a beach head to start their push to clear the island. But that also sounds like a lot of work. Also how would you account for the large fleets shelling capabilities with out making large ships? Maybe a Air Naval Gunfire Liaison?

Well, if you want to help with those sides, the Italians would be a better pick for now. That’s because I already modeled more than half their ground vehs, some planes and nearly all ships (while I only have 1-2 planes for the Japanese). All of those are untextured however. There should be Italian inf models somewhere in svn as well, I rememeber N3mesis doing them.

If you would like to help with Italy, that would be very nice. N3mesis, yuritch and I are all aboard for them.

Send me some more precise details on what youd like