Suggestion for Forums

Perhaps we could have a Questions and Strategy area on the forum? This would be a place to find guides and tips on how to play as well as ask questions involving gameplay. I think it would be more newbie friendly and aimed at helping less experienced players learn the game by answering their questions. However veterans would use the thread as well to discuss strategies and answer questions.

Right now I think the only appropriate thread to post gameplay questions is “General Discussion”. As the player community grows for Spring 1944 I’m sure this forum will overflow with newbies posting questions as well as many other “general” topics and it will become harder to filter. I find it suitable that questions regarding gameplay and discussion of strategies reserve its own thread. It may not be so crucial now, but I think as this game gains more newer players it will be useful. It can also be put to use for experience players to start threads regarding their strategies and tips.


That’s probably not a bad idea, I wish I could share your optimism on S44’s massive impending growth :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I don’t know how useful it would be right away - the volume of “how do I win this game!” posts in General forum hasn’t been too high, and high level player tips change pretty much with every test release.

However! I’ll be glad to set this up when we make our next release (probably not uber far away, now).