Suggestion: factory upgrade que

This was actually suggested by ThinkSome in #s44.

Currently any factory upgrade starts immediately upon clicking, losing any progress on unit being built. The idea is that upgrade should start after current unit is completed.

It would be a nice feature, I guess I haven’t needed it but it would certainly help establish crispy transitions in BO’s

[18:32:08] <ThinkSome> [S44]yuritch: I'd say queue the upgrade after the units
[18:32:45] <zCram> actually I'm pro that queable-upgrades idea, but i don't remember why it was not approved of in the past
[18:32:52] <zCram> i remember this being discussed earlier
[18:32:51] <[S44]yuritch> Thing is, many players (myself included) have factories on Repeat: ON, which means AFTER units is NEVER
[18:33:00] <zCram> oic
[18:33:57] <[S44]yuritch> but setting the upgrade to happen after current unit is completed is a good idea
[18:34:10] <zCram> right
[18:34:45] <zCram> the current variant of this is in fact confusing to the player that didn't know it from before

sounds good to me (sticking it in after the current unit, rather than at the end of the build queue). need to do something about how to show that to the player, though, while still making the action reversible.

Has been suggested before; not only by myself, either. Current behaviour is misleading for anyone that hasn’t made that mistake a few times before. Let’s unsteepen the learning curve by 0.0001%

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