[SUGGESTION]Capturable/non-Autotarget ammo storages

I have come to really hate it when I lose 1/4-1/2 of my infantry when assaulting a base because they pile up close to an ammo storage and then throw a couple nades and the blast sends all them dead bodies to the edges of the map.
Here’s a couple suggestions out of my mind:

  1. Make it so that supply storages are never automatically targeted by units, thus if you really want to destroy it, you must order an explicit attack on the structure.

  2. Make them capturable as well, this meaning, if you put up enough troops around it, it gets captured like a flag, this way you really don’t have to destroy it to negate it’s effect for the enemy, rather just cap it and get the benefit of more ammo for yourself.

So yeah, just a thought/suggestion.