Suggestion: avoidfeature=false for inf support guns

The reason behind this is that I noticed pack howitzers refusing to fire at targets that were standing close to a destroyed barracks. The barracks were not in the way, i.e., the pack howitzer and the intended targets were on the same side of the wreckage. The pack was well within range and a scout was providing LOS via binoculars.

I’m figure this happens 'cause the pack was attempting to avoid hitting the wreckage even with a stray shot. I did a little experiment with a Scott that seems to corroborate this. I parked a Scott right next to the pack and it also refused to fire. I selected the Scott and right clicked on one of the enemy infantry standing next to the wreckage and the Scott lunged forward presumably to close the range. Before it got too far away I stopped it and inched it forward towards the target bit by bit. At 'bout a third of its max range it finally opened fire. I deduced that it was at that range that even an inaccurate stray shot wouldn’t hit the wreckage which finally yielded an acceptable “shooting solution” allowing the Scott to fire.

I assume something similar would happen with any unit which has a relatively inaccurate weapon. I tested only with the pack and the Scott, but it’s reasonable to assume something similar would happen with the leIG and perhaps also with the 105 Serman and the 95 Cromwell.

I was testing svn rev 3806.

Done! I actually changed quite a few weapons to ignore features (mortars, inf guns, close support tanks, all tank guns) - I think it makes more sense to the player when a unit fires anyways and hits a feature rather than trying to move somewhere and fire again (which is often a bad/dangerous place to move).