Suggestion, ability to NOT resupply units

It sometimes happens that you’re able to infiltrate some tanks and halftracks behind enemy lines while at the same time your tank yard keeps pumping out tanks. The new tanks are resupplied while being built essentially “stealing” logistics from the tanks raiding the enemy base (which obviously need those logistics more than the new tanks).

What I’m suggesting is adding a button to the control panel for units which carry ammo to toggle whether they’re resupplied or not. The button should also be present in barracks and vehicle, gun and tank yards so that units built from these inherit the setting from their corresponding factory. The default setting should keep the current behavior so that the change is as non-disruptive as possible.

Well, as for units under construction, we could just not start loading them until completion. A toggle might pose problems for UI, but let us see what the other developers think.

This was my thoughts too. I don’t really fancy implementing such a toggle.

The problem isn’t that units are being loaded with ammo while they’re being built, the problem is units back at your base draining logistics that units actively engaged in combat probably need. I guess you could order newly built units to move outside any supply zones if they’re not being loaded with ammo while under construction. This may or may not be practical depending on the coverage of your (and your allies’) supply zones.

I had imagined implementation would be a hassle, I didn’t expect it to be added right away (or at all). Still, it’d be nice to have so I figured I’d mention it anyway.

I was actually wondering the the other day that now that we’ve settled (for now) how artillery will work, something could be done about how they instadrain your logistics. Building less batteries and/or switching them to not fire is apparently not good enough. Would it be possible to add an UI button that’d readjust firing intensity, i.e. dynamically add a certain amount to the reload time?

Also, I agree with Totbuae.

So you should be forced to micro your tanks to stay in supply area so they have ammo when they arrive to the front :stuck_out_tongue:?
Although that could force players to resupply their stuff on the front but it is even more noob unfriendly.

Artillery will have decreased logistics cost by like 20% in the next version.
Firing intensity-widget could be interesting.
I dislike how my tanks waste all their shoots at infantry without being able to save some shoots for enemy tanks and vehicles. Firing intensity widget could also include machine gun and AP-shells only for tanks :slight_smile:.
Deciding how much artillery shoots could also be useful.