He guys after watching this docu about the tactics, how Germans basically used STUGS and Tank Hunters. I came up with the Idea to give Stugs and Tankhunters like the Jagdpanther or else the ability to be morphed/deployed like a Howitzer in one direction.
This will give them a fixed position but also the ability to be cloaked until the unit opens fire.

It seemed like the Germans used the Stugs/tankhunters for some kind of “tank traps” they used them more defensive because they had no turret and that gave them a disadvantage in offensive situations.

It would be cool to give those morphed Stugs a model which is hide behind bushes or something.

Maybe heavy mobile artillery (Wespe for instance) can be morphed into a fixed position, too so they get more accurate or something?

I would suggestion middle to long morph time and if the unit opens fire its decloaked as long until it get morphed back into a normal tank unit. (and then it can be deployed again for sure)
The Stug or other similar tanks should get more accurate after deploying/morphing as well.

So just my thoughts :slight_smile: I Hope my English is not that horrible xD.

Good idea, I also believe the germans hid these vehicles between houses and such to protect the flanks of their tanks and especially tank destroyers, because they didn’t have a rotating turret, where they generally had weaker armor, even a panthers side armor doesn’t stand a chance against a 57mm gun

I think they used them for every kind of ambush.

Maybe something like comouflage netting could be introduced? It would reduce the visibility of a unit as long as it’s immobile/inactive.

yeah would be cool too

I disagree with any more stealthyness misfeature.
Also we have quite enough units that require morphing, some of them that can shoot both ways (MGs for example).

It was just a Idea, since last time I played some people used Stugs and stuff for storming. But… I can’t remember that the Wehrmacht used them that way. Also I like to play more defensive. Thats why i hope to find people who agree :slight_smile: