Stuck Units, Collision Issues

We have the twin problems of units getting stuck in barracks, and shots failing to hit barracks that are building a squad. How can we solve this? One solution would be to have the squad spawn around the barracks instead of in it; it may not look quite as nice, though (although infantry walking through the walls of the barracks is also kind of weird). Are there any other ideas?

Another way would be to remodel barracks in such a way that units spawn outside of ‘solid’ model pieces, kind of like vehicle yards currently are.

I think it can be fixed with minimal effort:

yardmap=yyyyy yyyyy yyyyy yyyyy yyyyy yyyyy yyyyy;

The important bit is the second line. By default, spring uses collisionvolumetype=footprint, which checks projectiles against the intersection of the bounding sphere and the “prism” pointing up from the footprint. By forcing it to ellipsoid however, it will only check against the bounding sphere, even if the building has no footprint whatsoever (e.g. open yardmap).

I’ve tested this and the original (= SVN rev 943) for gerbarracks by /cheat /giving a gerbarrack and a gertiger to the enemy, and then making the barracks produce squads on repeat, and letting the tiger fire at the barrack. In this testing the above worked almost flawlessly: The only disadvantage I’ve found is that now all units can (and will) walk straight through the barracks. Of course you could tune it a bit like only open the entire yardmap when building…

EDIT: just spotted that yardmap=yyyyy… even allows one to build buildings through the barracks. Yardmap=ccccc… is probably better then because it keeps the yard closed as long as the barracks isn’t building. (so also when it’s being built)

or every unit will spawn seperate with a little delay?