Strategic "Boosters" (attributes)

An idea i like, inspired by things.

The idea of using unit attribute boosting. What I mean by this is having certain factors which boost various attributes of friendly units under certain circumstances.

The most direct example: Having a unit whose presence boosts the armor of nearby units.

At first glance this seems somewhat nonsensical; how could the presence of some unit or other add extra armor to a nearby tank? Well, it isn’t the armor per se it would be enhancing but some other more arbitrary/abstract attribute such as the skill, experience, confidence, etc, of that vehicle’s crew.

The form in which I am thinking of is having special one-time-only units available in various places in the buildtree, “unlocked” after a certain time or when a resource milestone is reached. For instance, allowing a “Command Tank” to be built in the tank yard; its presence increases various attributes in nearby friendly tanks such as speed, armor, accuracy, etc, as the group’s effectiveness is increased by the superior skills and/or factors that a Command Tank introduces.

I don’t know how hard it would actually be to impliment these things. They’re just ideas. Here are some more specific examples:

[]The aforementioned “Command Tank”, of which only one can be built, which increases various aspects such as speed, accuracy, armor, range, rate of fire etc of nearby friendly tanks (within a certain radius) as the officer inside commands his group for more effectiveness.
]Scout/Observation bonus; attacks from attack/bomber aircraft, artillery and snipers against targets within a certain distance (LOS range) of an observation infantry or plane recieve a non-stacking accuracy and/or damage bonus as their attacks are guided by said observation unit.
[]Officer that boosts moral of nearby infantry (like tank fear shield) – another thing for snipers to specialize in killing.
]Smoke screens! Not a “unit” per se but a factor which decreases greatly the accuracy of any unit (friendly or enemy) who fires through or near the smoke. Smoke would be launched by artillery as a special command (they fire smoke shells as opposed to regular shells). Smoke will also be important for future naval battles as ships routinely used smokescreens to hide from other ships during attacks and retreats.
[]Gun-Laying Radar that improves the accuracy, damage and/or range of nearby anti-aircraft guns.
]“Divisional Command Post” or some such, that gives a slight increase to the yield of CP given by captured flags. Not much; maybe 1-2% (which compounds per flag, so holding 10 flags will give you a total of 10-20% bonus)
[]Counter-Intelligence Command Post or some such which DECREASES the amount of CP given by flags captured by the ENEMY, as counter-intelligence stuff (communications listening post and jamming, etc) is used. Can also increase the ETA time of aircraft; generally, it’s mucking about the enemy’s communications and making it harder for his “off-field” logistics and support to operate (reinforcements take longer to arrive, etc)
]Air Liason/Communications center; decreases slightly the ETA time for aircraft.


I’m totally planning on doing smoke someday. It may not even be super hard, we’ll see. The problem is that I don’t know how to set up a terrain-like LoS barrier using lua (so that when you have smoke between two units, but neither of them in it, they can’t see each other). Once I sort that out, smokescreens will follow shortly thereafter.

I actually wrote up a few pages on augmenting units for S44, CA and War Evolution some time ago… I’ll dig around for them.

I was also thinking we could use colored smoke for missions, calling in bombing runs or reinforcements, etcetera. Just a side note brought on by your functional smoke considerations, Nemo.