Few people came up with an idea (after I kicked their balls to get them to smarten the fuck up since their original ideas were crap).

Have ability to make groups with infantry. Infantry in a group would have their icons turn off. This could basically be tied to ctrl-#. Groups would get a single icon for the entire bunch,and would make a small UI icon appear somewhere. Icon can be minimized/maximized; when minimized only “1” or squad number or something appears, when maximized it will show the buildpics of each unit type in that group, allowing you to select individual unit tyupes within that group (ie, have a group of infantry, open up their gruop menu, select all anti-tank).

Would also have some other menu functions such as disband entire group, remove selected units from group, etc (so in above example you could pick out all anti-tank infantry in the group and remove them from the group, have the group go off doing whatever).

This would not be like Squad Control LUA. You wuold still be able to control and select each infantryman individually. The main purpose would be providing UI element for units in a group and a way to remove fields of icons. However, the icons disappearing thing may not be beneficial. There may for instance be situations in whcih you have several infantry groups clumped up together which are attacked by some tanks. You want to find every anti-tank infantryman in these collection of groups. how do you find them? If you simply select all group in the area you’ll have to search through each group menu to find the AT units.

However, a similar and somewhat related feature is being able to select units of certain types on a screen-based manner; ie, a button or keypress that selects all anti-tank on the screen.

we just need the CA widget Ashnal was talking about last night to do most of this stuff.