SpringLobby notification background

I’ve just finished a revamp of the notification system in SL. Included is a new popup background by MidKnight. Future versions will learn to load a replacement for that via LobbyOptions.lua: git.spring1944.net/cgit.cgi/svn_ … 84c78567e0
The left 100pixels of the background are reserved for a logo. Only right of the 100th pixel will text be placed (in white font).
Would be nice to have the default background I commited replaced with a s44 specific one before the 1.52 release.

New one up.

I made this but do not plan to use it. I don’t like how it scales down. Other opinions desired.

Also attached is a slightly changed springlobby.svg.

I wonder if it would look cool to have the helmet fit to the spikes?
For the revised pure SL: eyebrow looks less, mouth more weird than before to me.