springlobby freezes

Seems i am a bit jinxed. I wanted to play as soviets, so i started springlobby (now spring seems to work), and then… no data appears in springlobby. All the maps, games, UI… dissapeared from the lists in SP.

I installed them manually in .spring, but… everytime i select the game, it freezes.

There is an error log, it says:

[unitsync] error: Init: Required base file ‘base/springcontent.sdz’ does not exist.

but i cant find this archive on the net.

It wont complie neither it doesn’t find boost_system-mt (i have libboost installed, and CMake points its route correctly)

Hmm…that’s an archive which is included in the windows installer (and should be in any package for linux flavors), so that’s odd that you’re lacking it - or did you grab spring source and compile it directly, rather than grabbing a package? Is there a ‘base’ dir in /spring/, and if so, what is in it? I’ve attached that specific archive (just change the extension to .sdz; its just a zip with a different extension), but if that’s missing its likely others are as well.

Early summer I’m going to be spending some time hopefully smoothing out the install/startup process <_< sorry you’ve been having so much trouble.

it’s likely that in your attempts at compiling engine yourself you’ve left incompatible artifacts around in /usr/local (or wherever you got a, potentially partial, install)
so 1. cleanup
2. pastebin infolog
3. run: springlobby -cl -l5 &> /tmp/log.txt and pastebin that