Spring1944 operation Luettich

ok I’m not usually one to complain as I can’t make any of this stuff but come on, caling in planes sucks because :open_mouth:
1.AA gun fire is extremely accurate
2.to my knowledge there is no way to increase command points to such unimagineable levels
3.ground attack plane=4000 command points.
Also while playing by yourself on a different computer with no internet against C.R.A.I.G
is just no fun
1they don’t do anything besides send the single squad of infantry to its doom and they just build barracks,barracks,and more barracks
Sorry for complaining but this just drives me nuts
Suggestion: make one version with cll-in planes and one with a runway so if you don’t like call-in you have a choice.
develping C.R.A.I.G some more could solve a few problems too :mrgreen:

I’m workin’ on it :slight_smile:

Anyway, I bet you played it in easy mode on a small map with a relatively low amount of command point income available, so C.R.A.I.G. was stalling on resources and it seemed for a long time it was only building barracks? (It will build vehicle yard after third barracks, if I recall correctly.)

I’ll consider making multiple different versions, e.g. one that goes infantry only, one that rushes vehicles and tanks, etc. (I don’t think I would know yet how to make it adapt to the situation. Suggestions welcome of course :stuck_out_tongue:)

You can add something to the waypoint editor widget, that allows us to call the map, an Infantry only, or all units map.

OR… WOW… this just came to my mind! Add another color of lines for the waypoint editor, that allows us to place waypoints for vehicle units. So, C.R.A.I.G. can use inf to get the hill, and get around the hill with vehicles, without trying to get the hill with the vehicles too.