Spring1944.net site redesign

Ok, so I’ve spent the better part of a week on this redesign of your website. It’s 630am, so I’ll just list the highlights…

•Proper rss feeds for EVERYTHING
•Google friend connect integrated with logins (so people can use google, yahoo, AOL Instant Messenger, etc accounts to log in and make comments, and so on)
•The little slider news thingy uses the first image attached to a post for the thumbnail, so make sure you add an image to the post.
•Everytime you make a new post or page, a new sitemap is sent to google, yahoo, and bing.
•Google Analytics built into it with stats sitewide, or just on individual posts or pages.

A whole crapload of other stuff. So flozi, nemo, neddie, and others probably need to be made admin. Currently the only admin members are myself, koshi, and tobi. To create an account, just go to the site, and click “Join this site”, and let me or koshi know about it and we’ll make you an admin.

I’m aware that the banner image is fail, don’t worry, actually if you right click, view image and image properties, you’ll see that it is named “temporaryheader.png” ;p Kaiser is working on a new and epicly winsauce header for you guys.

I hope you guys like the site. I spent a lot of time on it :slight_smile:

After careful inspection I can attest to it being very sexy from both the front and the backend.

yessss very great I wish the forum would get a face lifting as well :slight_smile: But thats just me maybe

Well, tbh the forums are an entirely different bear. I could set you guys up with some pretty incredible forums, but the stipulation, is that I wouldn’t be able to transport over the posts from this forum. It sucks, I understand that, but to some degree sometimes it’s necessary. So entirely dependent on what you guys thing for that one.

There is one other possibility, which is a “bridge” between wordpress and phpbb, but it is shaky at best on existing phpbb installs. Of course, something like that is best used on a new install of wp and phpbb. Moreover, unless I’m mistaken, this forum is quite outdated. :frowning:

I tried like hell to put these forums in a dynamically expanding iframe, but unfortunately, Dhtml isn’t always capable of properly figuring out what is happening in phpland.

I suppose there is one other thing I could do that I didn’t think of, and that is to put the forums in a frame that is ridiculously tall. But below the forums you would have a lot of blank scrolling space.

simple-press.com/support-forum/s … -in-to-spf