Spring 1944 with spring engine v0.82.0

I can’t start a game of test-2804. It say “Could not load startpicture from bitmaps/loadpictures/rus_loadscreen1.jpg”
I tried moving the map and mod folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\Spring to C:\Users\Godde\Documents\My Games\Spring but it didn’t make any difference.
I cannot find the missing loadscreens on my computer but Yuritch told me that

Has anyone got the test build to work with v0.82.0 of the spring engine?

Well the file certainly exists:

spring1944.svn.sourceforge.net/v … threv=2804

Perhaps a case sensitive issue with SD package system?

the spring engine 0.82.3 is currently the engine of the official server. But the Pathing suxs terribly, mass of infantry constantly try to move back.

You can check it easily in singleplayer : enable cheat (say " /cheat ") then spam infantry and move them massed .

I dont think its a SD issue , because my mutator has similar problems , no plane sounds ,no torpedomodel and missing model parts after torpedo release. The mutator is based on spring 1944 svn.
Deployment has a missing GERme262.cob error , wich is in the spring 1944 svn.
= mutators r buggy now.

We informed #sy people of these bugs, it seems all S44 bugs were already known by them (similar in other mods). That is why I don’t understand why they pushed this version in the official server…

(some said nobody tested it, but why didn’t they come in mods channels to seek for testers ??? Why didn’t they used a bot to make advertising about the release candidate???)

Still we have to thanks for licho. He added our mutator in rapid, now it is easily installable.

the " springlobby.info " server allows you to host and play with the older version, waiting for the fixes.