Spring:1944 Scenario Editor

As of right now, trying to save units and orders on the map results in epic fails when loading.
But, I have found that the commands always load properly, so I’ve been testing how to use commands only to shape a mission, so far I can create units, but cannot handle individual units yet.
Still trying to find out how to handle the array variables so that I can keep counts and maybe edit units names, exp, etc. (it’s complicated with commands, as opposed as with property editor, where it’s super easy, but that brings me back to the saving/loading problem).

So this is what’s up:

I have to figure out ways to set game end conditions and such, but I’m feeling pretty optimistic about it, now that I can save progress.

Added is the current mission file, for testers.

IRL has hampered my progress as usual, but this is still on my to-do list.

What happened ? Did you give up ? Because I’m very interesting in helping you if you want, and having scenarios in S44 is like being the best Spring Game.

Didn’t “give-up” but ever since I have more than 1 job, it’s become rather hard for me to do extra stuff other than play sometimes.
I remember there was a spring engine update and I think the scenario editor was having some issues, I couldn’t modify terrain and stuff like that so I was waiting on Gajop to update or something like that. The moment I get some more free time I can see myself trying some more.

If you have interest in helping, you might want to try to set up your scenario-editor, I think there’s a guide by nemo somewhere here in the forum.
Let me know if you have any trouble with that.