Spring 1944: Regular Players

This is a list of present and past regulars, their countries of origin, their names on the forum - if any - and their names in lobby. Developers will not be included in this list, as they are listed in various other places. The purpose of this list is to furnish new and returning players with the information necessary to find other players to play with or against.

If you would like to be added to the list, have changed your lobby name, or have changed your status from Past to Present or vice versa, simply post in the Spring 1944: Regular Players Discussion thread.

[SIN]Godde - Sweden - Godde
[SIN]zCram - Estonia - zcram
[Ants]PPsh - France - PPsh
[Ants]JAL - Germany - JAL
Silverfox23 - U.S.A. - silverfox23
ash2life - Germany - ash2life

[LCC]GoogleFrog[CA] - Australia - ?
[LCC]Saktoth - Australia - ?
[S44]Ashnal[CA] - U.S.A. - Ashnal
[S44]Goldsie[CA] - ? - Goldsie
[teh]Nixu - Australia - nixa
Journier - U.S.A. - journier
Aurora - Finland - Aurora

This list is by no means complete, but until I have more time and/or input I cannot further expand it.