Spring 1944: Press and Mentions Discussion

Let me know when you’ll be wanting some more press releases.

What about an article in Wikipedia? The way I even found out about spring was by searching through free games on Wikipedia. Im sure that there are other people out there who have done the same, so why not try?

So is this thread dead or are there any more press releases.

There are other press releases coming up.


its not


Die Meinung = Your Opinion ^^


Spring is also known in this German Ubuntu Forum/WIKI:


Scroll a little bit down ^^ Anyway there are talking alittle bit in the Forum about the Mod but they didnt know about the release, i am registerd there i can make a wiki site for S44 on the page to tell the guys some more about the Game.

That’ll give me the chance to learn some german! :smiley:

oh well and for all who dont have these buttons on the keyboard:

Ä/ä ; Ü/ü ; Ö/ö they can use the old version of our Language: Ä/ä = ae ; Ü/ü = ue ; Ö/ö = oe
A funny alternative ^^

Meine meinung ist dass S:44 ist total quatsch^^ :astonished:
only joking :smiley:

not bad but don´t use online translators they are stupid in grammatical things…

Anyway to “transform” english to german you need to set some words to another places of the sentences

“Meine meinung ist dass S:44 ist total quatsch”

–> “Meine Meinung ist, dass s44 totaler quatsch ist”

oh and words in german with: heit; keit, ung at the end will ever be written big xD sometimes I mess it up to but nobody is perfect.

ich mache deutsch ins gymnasium. Dass ist zu schwer zu lernen^^

ich lese die zeitUNG :open_mouth: :astonished: whut?

well not UNG will be wirtten big i mean the beginning: Zeitung ^^

Country: Germany
Language: German
Link: (WIKI) www.ubuntuusers.de

just for everyone.
Alot of people were interested in the Game on this side. :smiley:

Try reddit or digg?

Perhaps for the next major release, but doing so prematurely is a waste of an opportunity, it is horribly difficult to create a sustainable Digg/Reddit and once you’ve broken through once, doing it again later is almost impossible with a project this specialized.

You should have another file host ready when you try that, I’m pretty sure my box would die an unhonorable death under a good sized digg.

Oh, we can do it the Caydr way and put it on SourceForge.

SourceForge, MODDB, you, maybe… DarkStars?

I sure would love to see how DarkStars handles any kind of real load, mostly though cause I hope it would make AF realise how shit works in the real world.

Web work is definitely not his strongest suit, but it would be foolish to count him out entirely. I know he has alienated most of the other major coders but he is not as foolish as many think.

This is still the place to bring up new ones, and then I will add them to the sticky.