Spring: 1944 "Operation Konstantin" (v0.92) Released

The latest version of Spring: 1944, Operation Konstantin (v0.92) has been released!

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Big thanks to all the players who helped us weed out issues from the last release, thanks to the SpringLobby dev team (BD and Koshi, you rule!), thanks to Spring’s dev community, and thanks to our contributors who made this possible.

You can find v0.92’s changelog here.

We’ve also included a custom installer which will install the Spring engine, S:1944 files and maps, and SpringLobby, for dissemination to the world at large!

Thanks again, and hope you enjoy this version even more!

Spring: 1944 Team

what about the full installer? Will this be fixed in the next days and will this installer work for linux too?

We’re probably going to post the fixed installer later today or tomorrow. As for linux, I can’t say for certain - none of the main devs run linux. That said, it should work.

The game itself works fine under Linux after working around the broken sound issue (clicky).

The installer probably works under wine (Spring’s installer does, last time I checked), but not native Linux, because it’s a Windows installer after all…

EDIT: oops, already forgot I had to use a workaround, added link to post now :slight_smile:

I know Im not a part of the team and all so my advise is uncalled for, but IMO you guys should get a linux person in the team for supporting all things linux related. I think this is important because, well, linux games suck balls. A good, free RTS that can be installed with 1 command in the terminal would have a big untapped market to itsself.

BaNa is right, well i use LinuX but at the moment i use more windows for gaming (because my wirelesslan-driver for linux is bad) and e.t.c

ähm anyway its only the sd7 file you need to do in the right folder or you can click on the file then linux (the file-manager which is also included in spring) will add it in the right folder i dont think that there is any installer needed? Maybe i can try to make a deb-file (debian) but it would take time…

Maybe some can also check working on the full installer(because It doesent work my friends also they got same problem than me.)

Nemo, I may start running Linux for development purposes, so this weakness of the team may be rectified.

I run Linux too :slight_smile: (Kubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) currently)
(hence I knew a workaround for the broken flamethrower sound in konstantin)