Spring 1944 nominated as Best open source game

Spring 1944 has reached the final round in the category: “Best open source game” of this Open Source awards which gives a donation of EUR 300 to the winner. I’d recommend to vote for Spring 1944. At this time it is near to first place!

It is proudly nominated as projects such as FlightGear and AssaultCube. Last year, this category didn’t exist but OpenOffice.org was awarded in this contest:

Meh, it’s categorized as windows only, while it runs on linux and would run on MacOSX too if not everybody building spring on that platform had the attention span of a toddler.
A more direct link: portalprogramas.com/software … royecto/69
Also, emulators in that list, what’s up with that?

Thanks for the information. It has been updated as you can see here:
Best open source game (Spring 1944 is 9th)

How safe (spam-wise) is it to register your mail to vote?

I voted and I already got a second mail saying if I would like to spread the word on spring1944 on my social networks, etc.

I’m considering it (to share to my friends), but I don’t want to be the one to blame if it starts sending every e-mail that’s got nothing to do with s44, and just spamming unwanted news.

Btw… ¿hablas español?

How long’s that vote going to be open?

I think I read 4 days remaining… will check, brb.

3días para concluir”

that reads:

2,322 votes

66 nominees

3 days remaining.

Well, email is only necessary to make sure you only vote once. It is the only way to prevent dup votes. We haven’t made the big effort of creating this contest to lose it spamming the users, it would be completaly useless.

The contest is opened til 30 november!

woot… it was number 1 a while ago, now it’s 4th…

I already gathered my friends to vote.

Best of lucks for you guys!

I’m now playing Spring1944 on FreeBSD 8.1 (amd64). Excellent performance, although my computer at it’s whole isn’t much of a muscle machine.
SpringLobby from ports compiles okay, if you settle for a little older version, getting the latest to compile wasn’t very difficult, either. Koshi has fixed some lobby imperfections regarding BSD, aswell. The engine version from ports was too old, but I just replaced the archive-filename in the build script and updated the hashes, manual-downloaded the new version’s archive, and it built very straightforward. Now it works great, at least with an nvidia card. Thanks to engine-developers who have made their thing über-portable!