Spring 1944: Maps Discussion

do you guys want s44-fitted versions of the aberdeen maps?

tell me what depth the water should be at (alltho that may be fixable with smf tags).

edit: also, should the m spots be removed?

Visibly yeah. could also reduce the number/up the extraction.

Our lowest maxwaterdepth is 10-15.

If you send me a draft of where you want the metal and how much of it there should be, i will happily do it (at some point).

What was that one big Gundam map with the rivers that we played some games on? That one worked well for larger games.

Splintered tropics?


these are all pretty decent.

i havent gotten far down the map list i have, but i think i might.
battle for planet xvii
archers valley
foot hills.

foothills basin (not redux)

Hello, been enjoying Spring 44 hugely, with my brother over a LAN.
We’ve been playing RTSs for a decade, and this is the best yet :smiley:

Played on Green Heaven 28x28 and Aaviko, an earlier 24 x 24 version I think.

We are hankering after a 30x 30 or preferably bigger, open grassland with ocassional trees type map.
We have zero map building knowledge sadly. Is anyone else keen to try epic maps for Spring on a LAN?
Something big enough to make for an open and varied gameplay, maybe making the troop transport units more useful.

Loving Spring '44 :smiley:

Is there any map with room for naval battle? Because at the moment the largest rivers or lakes I saw were just barely big enough to give my tank landing ships the possibility to turn. And with the coming destroyers, this problem might get worse.

You might like ArcticZoneV3 (32 x 32!) for naval combat.

Thank’s, I’ll try it.

try bora bora its got the right depth for a ship yard