Spring 1944 Graphics not working

Hi everyone, this is my first time on spring 1944 forums, but I have a problem with the game. Whenever I try to start the game from spring lobby, it turns out like this:

I managed to fix the blue terrain by pressing ‘L’ but I still can’t see any of my units.


Hi! can you give us some more details about your system, and how you installed S44?

Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:
I have windows 7, 64 bit.
I tried to follow the installation instructions on the download, and made a spring folder in MyDocuments\MyGames, because there wasn’t a spring folder to begin with. Maybe that’s the problem?
I put the maps in a seperate folder inside the spring folder.

Do you happen to know what graphics card you have? Or if it is updated with the latest drivers?

I know I have Intel HD Graphics
I`m not completly sure everything is updated though… how can you tell?

Ohh… you mean those intel integrated graphics?

InsurgentCell: look in the spring folder (where you put S44) for a file called “infolog.txt”. Open that up in notepad, copy/paste the contents into pastebin.com/ and then put the link that pastebin gives you here. that’ll let us get a sense of what might be causing the problem.

Is this link good? pastebin.com/P5q3RKjM

Integrated Intel graphics are known to cause this sort of trouble with spring. Maybe you’ll be able to run spring with minimal settings (shadows OFF and some more), but generally intel GFX aren’t good for gaming.

I have word from Buumi that 93/94 engines have fixed all previous troubles with his intel card (laptop).
He is running linux 64 bits though.

Might indeed need some tweaking of options of somesorts, in springsettings.exe I believe. Shadows and water reflections suck anyhow.