Spring:1944 Closed Beta Application/Signup

/obligatory glamour shot.

So, we’re heading into release season, and everyone knows what that means - testing time.

We’ve been playing and developing at record pace for the past month in preparation for this final testing run, and now we’re going to open it up (somewhat) to interested outsiders.

[size=150]Namely, a closed beta![/size]

Here’s how things will work. You read this page, and decide that you fit the tester criteria we are looking for. Then you post in this thread with a filled out application only. One of the team will PM you a link with the release if/when your application is approved.

If this sounds excessively formal and stodgy to you - we’ve had some issues with premature release (sounds like a medical condition…also known as ‘leaks’) in the past and we’re hoping to prevent that from happening again. I promise you that we’re all having a great time working on this - we wouldn’t spend so much of our free time on it otherwise. We hope the testers will have lots of fun as well.

We’re looking for roughly 10 testers. We don’t want too many, or it’ll ruin the whole surprise, and also inundate us with idiots; nor do we want too few, for obvious reasons. At it stands, we have 2 spots left.

The part you need to read and fully understand before applying for the beta
[size=85] (With apologies to Zsinj :stuck_out_tongue:) [/size]

  1. [/size]Spring:1944 is not done! It is not a complete game, but very much a work in progress.
  • It may have abusable overpowered/underpowered/glitched units.
  • It may crash (hopefully not).
  • It may contain stupid mistakes by the poor tired devs, crunching in another change two hours past the time when sleep was the smart thing to do.

You, as a tester, agree to understand these things and help us improve, rather than becoming annoyed with aforementioned problems and simply leaving. Have some patience with us - we’re human too, mistakes will inevitably pop into the builds because we screwed up. With your help, those mistakes will be fixed more quickly.

[size=150]2)[/size] We’re looking for real testers, testers who will play games with us and each other on a frequent basis, and give us feedback based on those games so we can improve S44. This means lots of games, on lots of maps, with different game sizes, ect.

  • We are not looking for people who want new toys to play with. Mostly, I mean people who are interested in playing around with the units and then leaving.
  • We are not looking for massive WWII buffs whose only interest is double checking our realism credentials. The entire dev team has an abiding interest in WWII - we wouldn’t be working on this otherwise. We aim to create a game with as much realism as we can manage, but fun comes first. Realism (dirty, broken, bloody, screaming, agonizing, friendly-fire-into-a-stomach-wound realism) is not always that helpful in creating a fun game. We hope you have a great time with the finished product, but for now we’re looking for people more oriented towards the ‘game’ end of things.

[size=150]3) [/size]We’re looking for competitive players. You need to have some fire in you. If you love building elaborate bases and setting “peace time” limits at the start of a game - that’s fine, I hope you will love S:44 when it is released, but feedback from engaged, competitive players is much more valuable at this time. We want people who actively search out overpowered, unbalanced, unfair units or tactics and abuse them, and then try to counter them. This pushes the design of the game forward much more effectively than saying “unit X is unfair!” and then refusing to play any more.

Ok, all of that said, here is how to apply. Post the following information in the following format (copied shamelessly from IW):
Note: hanging out in #s44 on the spring server is a HUGE improvement to your chances. If we know you actually frequent the server, makes it much easier to keep in touch with you.

  • Your local timezone, relative to GMT
  • Times in which you are most active in GMT
  • Any other nicknames you are known by, on the spring forums and the lobby
  • Your computer specifications
  • Any experience playing competitively in Spring
  • Any other specific reasons why you would be helpful to us in the beta. Things like “I have X amount of technical experience” or “I’m a professional game designer looking for new talent” or “I play 15 hours a day, no stopping me!” We disqualify answers such as “I know the precise turret traverse rate of every armored fighting vehicle in the war, and the chemical composition of the most effective AP round propellant!”

It goes like this:

Timezone: GMT - 5 (Eastern Time)
Times when I am usually active:GMT 11pm-4am (6pm-12am Eastern Time) Weeknights, most all weekend.
Computer specs: Something silly.
Also known as: [S44]Nemo, NemoNobody, Nemo
Prior modding experience: S44 baby! Game design and balance primarily, also animation, scripting, and general text monkey. Animated bits and tested for SWS in the early days. A handful of small and one-off projects for the Spring engine, including Dark Side of the Spring, n00berhack, and Low Fat Final Frontier.
Prior Spring Competitive play experience: None
Other reasons why I could be helpful:

  • The aforementioned modding experience.
  • Balance tested for SWS/IW
  • Been working on S44 for over two years.
  • I can type in clear, easily understood English.

That’s all, folks. To end on a high note - the S44 team is very, very excited to head into another release. We’ve been working our bums off to create a fun game, and now we get to show people what it is we’ve been up to for so long. We hope you all are as excited for this as we are.

My bum is particularly sore.

Timezone: GMT - 5 (Eastern Time)
Times when I am usually active: 6pm - 1am (EST) note: this is highly variable because I’m out of school right now.
Also known as: maackey
Prior modding experience: Have made extensive mods for Neverwinter Nights, have made a few maps for some RTS games (Age of Empires, Warcraft, Starcraft, etc…) and have played around with some units with the SVN of CA. (I’m going to learn how to really model and script someday… hopefully soon)
Prior Spring Competitive play experience: None
Other reasons why I could be helpful:

  • I can provide helpful details on crashes and bugs
  • I dual boot Linux and Windows (Ubuntu and Vista to be more precise) so I can provide feedback on multiple platforms.
  • I usually try different strategies all the time
  • Balance tested for SWS/IW
  • I type in clear, grammatically correct sentences
  • I am usually keen on picking up others’ small mistakes, and kindly correct them.
  • I like to think of myself as friendly, and able to get along nicely with others :slight_smile:

He knows how to use capitalization and punctiation. I think he qualifies. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to make a trailer for S44, because I have a song that would only fit to S44. :wink:

Timezone: GMT 0
Times most active:11am-10pm weekend 4pm-8pm weekday(Ive got I long hoilday for the next few weeks)
Known as: war644 most places viper644 others
Computer specs: processor-Q6600 quad core ram-2GB graphics card-ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT (shit) OS-Vista (also shit)
Modding exp: unfortunately none
Spring exp: I’m new to spring and its mods but do very well on water maps (navy :smiley: )
Reasons to be helpful:

  • I was in the top 200 of battle for middle earth 1 and top 300 for battle for middle earth 2
  • I also dual boot vista and Ubuntu
  • I’m not a porcer/turtle but I like to have a well defened base ( test defences) love mines
  • I think your game is great

Local time: GMT -8 to GMT -6
My active times are completely erratic, but generally expansive.
I stick to aegis on forums. In the lobby, my name currently has the tag [SmuG] before it.
Athlon XP 2600+ oc’d a bit, 1.5GB RAM, GeForce 7600 GT oc’d 30%, Ubuntu Hardy
I have written LUA and other scripts for assorted Spring mods, worked on *craft maps, modded various C&C games, etc.
Eh. I know how to play and use various strategies.
My technical expertise is adequate to understand problems encountered and suggest solutions, I can help with LUA, and I know how to play Spring fairly well.

It would also be helpful if those wanting to test would join #s44 once in awhile (Spring lobby room). It helps to be familiar with you (and you familiar with us, as some of us are a little odd coughflozithetrotskyitecough).

Hi i want to test y great geat game.I played a lot of WW2 games an almoust all mods for spring.I want to help with some hits. thx :sunglasses:

Timezone: GMT +2
Times when I am usually active:GMT all days 14-midnight
Computer specs: C2D 3ghz ,8800gt ,2gb ddr2
Also known as: masterzh,killer1x7
Prior modding experience:balancing
Prior Spring Competitive play experience: None
Other reasons why I could be helpful:Want to saw if y guys doing the best :wink:


Timezone: GMT +1 (Europe -> Germany)
Times when I am usually active:GMT 3pm-1am (2pm-0am GMT+1[Europe->Germany]) next 6 weeks.
Computer specs: I can program in C#, work mainly with Linux
Also known as: [eXe]Agon, accAgon, Agon
Prior modding experience: Wc3 custom mapping.
Prior Spring Competitive play experience: One CA tournament
Other reasons why I could be helpful:

  • Linux user, so I can test under Linux
  • Balance tested for LLTA and MA
  • I understand the most basic words in English (School mark: 2 & 2 (1=very good 6=very bad))

Timezone: GMT +1 (Europe -> Holland)
Times when I am usually active: after gmt+1 noon.
Computer specs: 3ghz dual core, 8800 gts, black case with blue lights.
Also known as: Machio, Smoth, Argh, Forboding Angel
Prior modding experience: Ca, that mutator thing with Fox,
Prior Spring Competitive play experience: xhc
Other reasons why I could be helpful:

Timezone: GMT - 5 (Eastern Time)
Times when I am usually active: From this post to 3 weeks later (don’t know how this “college” thing will affect my time)- 2-10pm weekdays. Variable on the weekends… tho mostly afternoons
Computer specs: 2.1ghz T8100, Nvidia 8600M, 2gigs memory

Also known as: Gade
Prior Modding Experience: None
Prior Spring Competitive play experience: None
Other reasons why I could be helpful:

  • I’ve played for years. I’ve seen many mods and I can find the good/bad easily.
  • I’ve got Vista 64 and I can play model for an average person who just got this and argh why does it mess up so much.
  • I can give a few ideas here and there. (So what if half of them aren’t feasable… its the concepts that matter)


Timezone: GMT +1
Times when I am usually active: A couple of hours most evenings. Probably after 21.00.
Computer specs: ASUS aptop 1.8 Dualcore, 2GB RAM, 512GB gfx card.
Also known as: [XHC]Peace
Prior modding experience: noone.
Prior Spring Competitive play experience: Addicted to spring since late 2004 or something. Played loads of BA 1on1s. Most handsome xhc member.
Other reasons why I could be helpful:

  • Works as a profesional developer within the IT-industry (mainly with GPS systems at the moment.) At my job we’ve got an seperate “test” department which we work closely with. So I’ve got a good idea about testing stuff (mostly since they always complaing about the stuff I send em :p)
  • plays the guitar like jimi hendrix, as good at martial arts as bruce lee and drinks beer like Homer Simpson! :mrgreen:

Timezone: GMT +2 CET
Times when I am usually active:GMT 16:00 - 04:00 as quick as I get from my work
Computer specs: Core Duo 2ghz, 2x1gb, ATI X1600
Also known as: [PoCS]Bartie, [TS]Bartie
Prior modding experience: Sorry none but i’ll try to do my best :slight_smile:
Prior Spring Competitive play experience: I own u all :slight_smile:
Other reasons why I could be helpful: Well, I have a proper sense of how to get things balanced :slight_smile:

I love machio <3

I especially love your avatar :sunglasses:

machio must be made project lead NOW

Very well! as my first order of business, every other unit is to be replaced with a dinosaur!

Timezone: GMT
Times when i am usually actice: Most evenings
Computer Specs: Athlon X-2 4400+, 7800GTX, 2gig RAM
Also known as: [XHC]Cabbage
Prior Modding Experience: None bar a little text editing for a vid.
Prior Spring Competitive play experience: I am by far the most handsome out of all the handsome chaps, have played for a long time, 1v1’s, team games, tourneys, old ladder etc
Other reasons why i could be helpful: My presence alone would lend the project tremendous credibility, i dont want to promise anything but id be surprised if an international publishing company didn’t take an interest as a result. :sunglasses:

Welcome aboard cabbage :sunglasses:

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue: