Spring 1944: Advertising

Earlier this month I began to request screenshots from the community for an undisclosed project. I took what I received to create basic banner advertisements, which I then ran on a number of web pages. You may even have encountered banners for Spring: 1944 yourself!


This is merely the first phase of advertising, I hope to improve the banners over time with better art assets and achieve a higher click-through rate. As you can see, these four banners have been displayed over two and a half million times all together.

Please continue to provide strong replays and pretty screenshots - your efforts aid my own in promoting the game!

I would like to deploy four new banners and retire the two lowest performing US banners. Ideally these new ones would be a mixture of Russian, British and conflict, but I’m not above adding others.

This is awesome… but I haven’t come across any of this…
Is there a way to add one to my blog? I know 0 about modifying it: eli.cuatroe.com

I’ll upload some of the banners for you to choose from. These are hosted through a paid advertising site, but if you want to link for free all you need to do is place a banner in your layout and have it point to the site.

Yeah, I think I know how to do that, I’ll wait for the banners then.

Here are a few of the banners.



yays, they work…
however, my website does not feature automatic resizing… so… I wonder if you can put up a resized version of the wolverine one… that is 130x29 pixels? Or if I may resize it myself? I dunno if that is ok?

It is pretty much impossible to make something which looks good from a screenshot at that resolution, but here is a little effort. I might just make a text banner for that resolution, if you wish.

Ahhh, looks perfect.
Thanks Neddie!