spring 0.96 1944 neptune 1.7

file-upload.net/download-886 … 6.sdf.html

Players: 3vs3
Map:1944_terra firma
Game version: neptune 1.7
Engine version: 0.96
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****

Big rumble in terra firma, i was too focused fighting Buumi, but there r heavy infantry and armor fights.

link: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/204 … sia_96.sdf

Buumi (GBR) & JAL (GER) & ThinkSome (US) & yellowguy (GBR)
GN0LLMa4N (GER) & hokomoko (GBR) & lowdive (US) & yuritch (USSR)
Map: rysia
Game version: 1.7(git)
Engine version: 96.0
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****’
Comments: 4v4, wasn’t any shortage of action and fun!

I wish there were more big games. Unfortunately I had some things getting my attention in real life beginning from the middle game, which came by surprise, I didn’t know about them before the game… Luckily hokomoko had to control two factions while I had to control only one, so that made it more even for us. Had I had more time, I should have helped that yellow guy much more in what to do and securing those flags in the north. Now our response to gliders was really slow and I didn’t help him much, which was bad as he was one of the least experienced players.

From the replay I could see that I should really have waited more before launching the assault. I had (once again) way too little infantry for that.

Hopefully there will be more big games.

hokomoko (GB), yuritch (USSR), ThinkSome (USA) vs
JAL (GER), buumi (GER), yellowguy (USA)
Map: Verdant 1944
Game version:1.70
Engine version: 96.0
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****
Comments: Long game on Verdant. Over 1.5 hours I think. Artillery and heavy tanks. Gliders and some artillery. Scouts decided the battle. yellowguy dropped at some point.

buumi.kapsi.fi/spring/20140503_1 … 944_96.sdf (4.9MB)