Spring 0.89 with MR 1.6

players : Godde vs JAL
map: 1944 titan
engine,game: look title
rating: **(*)
comments: Godde played with russia, i tried to go tanks with germany fast.Godde anoyed me with snipers (damn binocs could have helped). I managed to get tanks and nebelwerfer, but without decent numbers of infantry even if my units have higher cost they get killed by squads of sniper,rifle,rpg43.(tank needs hullmg) Surviving tanks got sniped by SU76 (thanks to small radar).

fileupyours.com/files/290368 … tan_89.sdf

players : yuritch vs JAL
map: rysia
engine,game: look title
rating: ****
comments: yuritch had a good start , i tried to use superior tanks (panther,stugs) and a decent amount of infantry to gain upper hand, but yuri made some nice air attacks to reduce my tank amount.