Sound Issues Under Linux

great but the basicly problem i hav everytime is the sound, the sound is really bad sometimes he didnt played sounds of hitting ground for example or hitting a tank there wasnt any sounds some sounds worked but the were fu**ed up and they were horrible idk why, maybe its because of the wave files? Do you have the same? maybe?

I’d suggest fiddling with sound settings in SpringSettings (max. simultaneous sounds esp.) and/or trying to not use PulseAudio if you are.
I did not notice any problems, that’s not saying much tho me never having played any sort of prolonged s44 game.
Either way this seems like a seperate problem. Someone splitt this off?

Done, sir.

i use ALSA mixer

thx for creating a threat well i didnt do it cuz i think im the only one with the problem however i have a Realtek ALC 888 on my notebook i change the sound settings for some testing now.

Well, I got better performance playing Spring S44 under Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty” then under windows, but the Sound problems are still there i had a ALC660 onboard sound, now i have ALC 1200 onboard and my notebook have Realtek ALC888 and on all i have the same sound problem, i cant describe it but its different from the sounds on windows, im sure ^^

The sound issues are with the engine, they will be fixed in the next engine release, supposedly.

i hope so