Songs, sensibilities and legalities

Hello everyone- I’m hoping to do some music for Konstantin.
I’m hoping to approach this with quotations of martial music from the period.
Can anyone advise of the state of legality regarding Soviet or Nazi era songs- as I understand in Europe especially- some may be banned. Not wanting to make any faux pas. Is it true Horst Wessel Lied is banned in Germany and Czechoslovakia?

Hmm, music? I guess it’d be neat to have an in-game playlist or a song play once you defeat a player.

Well, the music of Soviet anthem is unlikely to be banned anywhere because present day Russian Federation uses the same music (with different words). Lots of other Soviet war songs have little or nothing to do with politics (not all of them though), so unlikely to be banned either. As for Horst Wessel, that one I’m not sure about. British and US songs at least should be free of such problems.

Horst Wessel Lied isn’t explicitly mentioned in German law (or at least the translation that I saw), but symbols, flags, salutes, and pretty much anything with any recognizable link to the Nazi regime is illegal in Germany. It’s a blanket ban on “unconstitutional parties” and their symbology. Wikipedia says the song is banned, as does at least one other source I found in some fast googling, so it seems fair to say that the law applies to explicitly Nazi songs.

Edit: that said, because we’re a noncommerical project with worldwide distribution, we’re probably outside the scope of German law (and almost certainly beneath its notice). I imagine that quoting Horst Wessel Lied would be fine. Besides, if the game gets banned in Germany (shockingly unlikely, but I suppose theoretically possible), the controversy would probably lead to massive exposure.

As this is a historical game i doubt these bans have an effect. Historically themed movies don’t seem to have a problem with the swastikas, even in germany.

Thanks all. I will get to work then. Perhaps some clever coder can come up with an idea for integrating a player into the game? I’m guessing perhaps open source like VLC co-running with the game playing alternate loops?

There are already a few different options around for including music (PURE and EvoRTS both have music, and I think there’s a widget floating around as well) - most of them try to do something fancy and try to sort out ‘battle’ periods from ‘build’ or ‘lull’ periods and play appropriate music. I haven’t looked at them enough to determine how good they are, but I can take a look this afternoon and get back.

hell march.




some variation upon it.

Isn’t Hell March a Westwood/EA copyrighted thing? Not exactly what we’d like to have in…
Ride of the Valkyries should be fine to include as German ‘battle’ music however (or even generic battle music).

i think what concerns russia, we could just take some old songs from that time and nobody would mind. i doubt anybody owns the rights for “Katyusha” or “Kalinka” and there are many more,

I think the soundtrack which would be played for you should depend on what nation youre playing.


First I want to say that integrating the Horst Wessel Song is not a good idea. German laws ARE that strict and unless you dont want bad publicity (ok some people say there’s no thing like “BAD” publicity)… And I do personally not agree to include Nazi-propaganda songs.

Second, I sometimes write songs, and when I was playing around today I created something which sounds kinda like the Hell march, as this was mentioned before but stands under the copyright. I didn’t know it, but I liked, so it inspired me.

It’s not finished yet, but I think you get the idea. It’s not really an ingame song rather a “trailer” or “menu” or “theme” song. Hope you like it.

i wish we could take songs by that band :mrgreen: maybe we should just ask them :unamused:

Well in HELL MARCH they used German speech like: “Die Waffen, legt an!”

However for Germany i would prefer Westerwald, its legal an the Bundeswehr use it too.

Maybe for a Introductery song (if you may start your Kampagne as Germany)

And if you defeat a country i think you can use the German Antheme which we use today (i think some other WW2 Games did that too)


The Preussens Gloria but i have no idea about the legalities of the song.


Check my collection, maybe you can find something good