Something fishy

Hey lads.
I’m not really sure if this topic goes in this boards so please correct me if i’m wrong.
To the point: downloaded and installed spring 1944, i like the game and so, (the C.R.A.I.G still gives me beating everytime though)
However i suffer an enourmues amount of lag on all the graphic settings (and bear in mind this machine runs games like CoH and WiC without any lag at all)
is there something i’ve done wrong? or is it my nemesis the easy C.R.A.I.G Ai?
(by the way what does C.R.A.I.G stand for anyway?)
Sinclarly Footslogger.

C.R.A.I.G is configurable reusable artificial intelligence gadget…I think

What kind of setup are you using? (GPU, CPU, ect)

Does that mean you set all to max? No surprise you get lag then. Spring’s higher-end settings tend to lag even the newest machines (esp dynamic water is know for doing that, but it does look good). Try setting those things lower, game still looks good with medium settings.