Some weapons suffering from A-Team firing in svn rev 1824

Snipers, machineguns, mortars, leig’s, lefh’s (and maybe some other weapons) are suffering from A-Team firing against infantry and deployed AA guns, i.e., their shots aren’t doing any damage. Kar’s and MP40’s seemed to deal normal damage, though.

I was testing svn rev 1824.

Please try 1821 and 1822 and 1823 tell me when the problem starts. :blush:

Looks like 1822, which sucks. :angry:

	lasthit = Id;
	if (Id<=300 || Id>700)
		return (100); // DON'T NEED BRACKETS FOR return STATEMENTS!
	if (300<Id && Id<=400) //301-400=small arms or very small calibre cannon: MGs, snipers, LMGs, 20mm
		fear = fear + LittleFear;
	if (400<Id && Id<=500) //401-500=small/med explosions: mortars, 75mm guns and under
		fear = fear + MedFear;
	if (500<Id && Id<=600) //501-600=large explosions: small bombs, 155mm - 88mm guns,
		fear = fear + BigFear;
	if (600<Id && Id<=700) //601-700=omgwtfbbq explosions: medium/large bombs, 170+mm guns, rocket arty 
		fear = fear + MortalFear;

	if (fear > FearLimit) fear = FearLimit; // put this line AFTER increasing fear var
	start-script TakeCover();
	sleep 100; // what is this for??
	start-script FearRecovery();
	return (1); //if it gets to here, its a nondamaging suppression weapon anyways, so 1% doesn't matter. // You can return 0 now

Evidentally, I’m an idiot and should read past the first line. :angry: :blush:

May as well revert 1822 altogether zerg, sorry.

[size=50](I’m somewhat bemused as to why it fixed the fear shields though.)[/size]

Should now be fixed, I reverted all of 1822 and 1823 changes, as we decided fear shields are no longer desired anyway.