Some thoughts 'bout commissars

Do they really need cloak AND 840 sight distance? The commissar platoon is basically a scout platoon that can build and also capture flags. Kinda defeats the purpose of removing the scout platoons (at least for RUS).

Which brings us to my next concern, LOS imbalance. RUS can get LOS with commissars and partisans and GBR can use commandos. US and GER get short-changed in the LOS department. I used to use AT infantry for this but now their LOS was reduced so they’re not useful for that anymore. I believe GER and US should get back the scout platoons. If that would make them to OP due to the new scout binoculars then add an artillery spotter platoon that’s like a platoon of scouts sans the binoculars.

Now that arty requires LOS on the target to fire accurately, any advantage in gaining LOS on the enemy can be potentially OP. I’m surprised no one has exploited this yet.

I think we should put in slightly more expensive scout platoons as suggested. Russian players often shoulder most of the LOS for their teams in battle and I’ve abused Commando LOS pretty roughly myself.

I agree and on the topic of commisars I think there LOS should be shortened and instead they should be able to boost morale in two ways, one like a commander they lead their troops and improve their performance by fear but if a squad is pinned and squirming, the commisar should be able to shoot a soldier and temporarily unpin his comrades in the vincinity.

They should also get a black cape/coat and a ridiculously large and pointy hat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make snipers. Use the binoculars where you think that the enemy got commandoes/scouts/commissars. Kill them with the snipers.


I have never a living scout when i need one or all r in use , so i use vehicles or with GBR commandos to hunt snipers,commisars or enemy commandos down.

Germany and US should have a cheap vehicle 2 hunt cloaked units down but only russia has one, they dont need it.

We did consider a fear mitigation effect, but the primary role of Commissars in this game is that of the constructor, commanding production or requesting support. As for the latter suggestion, trolololol Warhammer 40k.

Just noticed something. As if to add insult to injury, RUS RPG soldiers have longer sightdistance than the rest of the AT infantry (570 compared to 420 for all other factions). To top it off, RUS can order recon plane sorties from any barracks while the other factions have to order them from the HQ or build a radar. That’s a LOT more ways to get LOS on the enemy than what US or GER can pull off.

Can suggest here jeep for US as scouting vehicle for US (with 1 transport slot) and panzerIVbeobachtungspanzer for germany both armed with binocs.
just 2 compansate their lack of LoS.