Some texturing

Iv’e been doing some texturing.

Finished the Jagdpanther and maybe 50% done the Sherman Jumbo.

No, no pics, as it’s all on my computer with no internet access and I’m too lazy/dumb to get a USB stick. Even though I actually do, but its broken.

I’ll find a way to get them out, somehow.

Flozi has told me he has started uvmapping several other things for me to do later.

Cool, first textures in quite a while :slight_smile:
I wonder what are the units FLOZi is uvmapping. Maybe he’s doing the C-47 so the paratroops can be included? :wink:

There is someone on the forum (ash2life) he can skin, too
I see hes a Contributor now.

I said what now? :open_mouth:

I said I should UV the staghound. :laughing:

I haven’t finished texturing the model you set me.

Could you set the bar a little higher Spiked, for fucks sake. :cry:

We kinda made him one so he could help with your models. Though if somebody maps them and I don’t give up on texturing I might be able to as well.

actually he dont answere me idk why?