Some SVN reorganization

Hey all,

I was just going to set up Canseco with a place for his S40 mod, and wanted to do some clean up at the same time.

I’ve created a root level “mods” folder and put “S44Finns.sdd” there. I’ll create a “Spring1940.sdd” folder as well.

Zerg: do you mind if I (or can you) move your pytdf stuff into your member folder (where the AP mod is)? Right now you have two folders in your name.

Neddie: do you want a member folder? if you want to back up S44 related work, or have it available online somewhere, feel free.

Tobi: same question - want a member folder? Coder types tend to have less non-game files floating around, but if you want the space for whatever reason, you’re welcome to it.

Yuri: I hesitate to move your folder, because I think it means you’d have to redownload anything you have a checked out local copy of (S44Ships or SmallMod) that you want to keep making commits to. However, eventually I’d like to stick your folder into “MemberFolders” dir along with the others.

Can I remove DashRiprock’s folder (has M5, M5_AA, stuart, and T-34s in obj format)? I removed bobthedino’s, because all it had there was the old partisan model.

Lastly, I’m itching to rename “S44LiteRelease.sdd”, since that was always intended to be a temp name, but I don’t know SVN well enough to do it without forcing people to re-checkout it (a real pain these days).

Sounds good to me.

Yes, I still read the forums daily.

Yes I’m still (mostly) familiar with the state of SVN. :stuck_out_tongue:

For Dash’s stuff, I think it’s safe for it to go; only thing not ingame is the ‘M5_AA’ (i.e. M16MGMC) and Spiked said it will need remodelling anyway.

I’m not sure about the renaming/redownloading business. I suggest testing it out on a small test folder first.

I think the svn cannot ‘just’ rename things, it will delete/redownload them anyway, unless I’m missing something.
S44ships.sdd can now probably be removed, we integrated all of it into the main branch. Except maybe the text descriptions of various ships that are in that folder as well (if those are needed at all).

Don’t really need, I’ll probably use git and push to github if I need some private repository :slight_smile:
(Also, if I ever need it anyway I can probably figure it out myself.)

Thanks for the offer anyway.

I think it is going to complain with the error “can not replace a directory from within”. I recall switch/relocate is also problematic if the folder is removed and added in same commit, but not entirely sure. (If both folders exist at some point you can switch to the other folder, similar to how you switch a checkout to a different branch. Then it doesn’t need to redownload anything. EDIT: Maybe this breaks too tho once the old folder is deleted… All in all rename support in SVN is indeed very flaky…)

Haha, lolfail; I didn’t realize I made two folders. I’ve moved it.

Sure, I’d like a folder. How would I use it, specifically?

I think you can just create a folder and do a SVN import to or whatever. Then check it out to the same folder.